Top 3 Unique Black Opal Engagement Rings by The Wind
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Top 3 Unique Black Opal Engagement Rings by The Wind

Black Opal Engagement Rings

Top 3 Unique Black Opal Engagement Rings by The Wind

Black opal is one of the rarest gemstones you will find today. For a very long time, diamonds have been considered the standard for engagement rings, but this notion has long since changed. More and more people now prefer the uniqueness and ethereal beauty a black opal engagement ring offers.

If you are drawn to this magical gemstone just as we are, you can choose them as the centerpiece for your engagement rings! If you are wondering where you might find high-quality black opal engagement rings, take a look at The Wind Opal.

Who is The Wind Opal? 

Founded in 2014 by Emily and Joe, The Wind Opal is the USA's leading designer of luxury jewelry crafted to beautify the hands they adorn. Wind Opal's unique opal engagement rings are carefully shaped with love using high-quality opal gemstones, 100% natural and ethically sourced!

Opal gemstones have been used by craftsmen throughout history to create delicate jewelry. They have strongly been associated with love and passion. You wouldn’t find any gemstone more fitting for your unique engagement rings.

Black opal is one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones you will find today. Their unique black body tone contrasts with the interplay of color to create a captivating illusion. Such gemstones are wonderful for use in engagement rings, especially if you are looking for something more tasteful and personal.

Top 3 Unique Black Opal Engagement Rings by Wind Opal!

The Wind Opal catalogue is filled with intricately designed black opal rings. Each embraces its own unique cuts and shapes and embodies all types of vivid colors. Most clients come forward looking for unique colors such as shades of red or blue and green that meet their personal tastes. Here is a short peek into some of our unique black opal engagement rings by The Wind Opal!

La Fiesta!

The first opal engagement ring on our list is "La Fiesta". La Fiesta is composed of 18K yellow gold and features a vivid, beautifully centered Australian black opal gemstone. This center stone is surrounded by 9 pear-shaped diamonds for a statement engagement ring with opal.

The inner play of color in this black opal ring features brilliant shades of deep red, green and blue. These colors shine and harmonize well together, symbolizing unity and a positive future. When you look at this black opal engagement ring, you will recall what it means for your unique bond!

The Diamonds and the Setting

The black opal ring has further been paired with 9 diamond stones (0.776 carats) carefully laid down as if dancing around the centerpiece. These diamonds are held together in place by gold prongs from the center. The white allure of these diamonds accentuates the beauty of the black opal that is pleasing to the eyes.

A smaller line of diamonds is further spread across the 18K gold band of the ring for a smoother transition from gemstone to gold. These diamonds are held in place by the pavé setting. The pavé lining of diamonds is used to add to the brilliance of your ring. You will also notice 4 prongs holding the central opal in place, so it doesn't shift around and is held securely in place.

This style, in particular, is not very common but is one of our absolute favorites! The Wind Opal believes it helps make the center gemstone shine like none other.

The One!

The One is our next statement piece, a unique opal diamond ring. It is one-of-a-kind for us; you will feel the same when you lay your hands on this. Its unique design, embellished with baguette-cut diamonds and Wind Opal’s signature black opal, will leave you captivated. If you are looking for an untraditional non-diamond ring, this is the one for you!

Let’s go over the design of this unique piece for a bit. The diamond opal ring features a central stunning black opal with an N1 body tone, the darkest body tones you can get. This darker tone helps provide the perfect canvas for its inner blue and green tones to shine through. The opal is handpicked for its unique tones. You will notice how the serene blue harmonizes wonderfully with the bright green. Once you set your eyes on this black opal ring, you may find it difficult to look away!

The Diamonds and the Setting

Surrounding the central black opal are 6 sparkling baguette-cut diamonds with a further 6 pieces of Tsavorite gemstones interlaid. Tsavorite is an emerald-green shaded gemstone that is actually 200 times rarer than emerald!

The unique shine of diamond and the stunning green of the Tsavorite is alluring enough on its own but not enough that it takes away attention from the inner centerpieces. In fact, they seem to accentuate the brilliance of the ring.

The gemstones and diamonds are then carefully fitted around the 18K yellow gold opal earrings. This band shank is also adorned with 16 small diamonds along its lining, for a total of 22 diamonds on this ring. This pavé setting adds to the sparkle and allure of your engagement ring while again emphasizing the beauty of the center gemstone.

Vintage Style Black Opal Engagement Ring

The final and last of the pieces we will be sharing today is the statement vintage style Australian black opal ring. This ring features The Wind Opal’s signature black opal gemstone as the centerpiece, held in place by four gold prongs. This particular opal gives off deep scarlet red, blue and green hues, all synchronized as one.

The Diamonds and the Setting

16 baguette cut rubies further surround the eye-catching black opal stone in a halo style. You will be surprised to know that the rubies are set using the Serti Mysterieux or Mystery Setting.

Notice how the rubies in the ring do not have any prongs holding them in place. Instead, they are meticulously set in place by extremely thin gold rails. They are nearly imperceptible, so the rubies almost seem to be free-standing!

Engagement rings adorned with this exquisite setting are hard to come by and are usually only ever made by a professional. We trust that you will find this as intriguing as we do!

The rubies are further surrounded by 18 diamonds in the form of a second halo. The diamond halo adds to the shine of your engagement ring to draw attention; it also further beautifies the inner black opal center stone.

Finally, the entirety of the flower-like center is wrapped together by the 18K yellow gold band to finish the vintage gold opal ring! The classic round shape of this ring brings out its brilliance and sparkle and will look marvelously delightful on a lovely lady's fingers!

Choose the Perfect Black Opal Ring for Your Engagement

Black opal engagement rings are truly unique and will last you for a lifetime. Choosing an opal engagement ring for your loved one is one of the best decisions you can make! If you wish to take a closer look at the opal engagement rings The Wind Opal offers, check out the complete catalogue on the website today!

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