What To Know Before Starting College

What Every College Freshman Feels The Summer Before Starting College

A roller coaster of feelings occur before going to college. Here's what it's like.


The day I've dreamed about since I was 10 is only a month away, and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

It seems like just yesterday I was helping move my older sister into the dorms, but somehow that was eight years ago, and she has long since graduated. That August day in 2010 was when I knew I wanted to attend a big university and live in the dorms with a roommate freshman year.

Now, I am one day away from freshman orientation and only a month away from move-in day. I guess this is real life.

It was less than two months ago that I was walking down the stage with my friends and receiving my high school diploma. We ran out of the auditorium and spent the day celebrating the final step of our youth.

In the midst of all the excitement and planning senior trips, college was far from my mind. It seemed so far away. I was in some form of denial.

As the summer days passed, and the realization that I was about to become a college student sunk in, I was nervous. For a second, I questioned myself.

Is going away to college really the right decision? Am I going to be able to afford this? What if I don't get along with my roommate?

After running through all the possible scenarios, I realized that none of these things mattered.

I was about to chase my dreams, starting with college.

I realized that I was ready, I could be brave, and I was excited.

Since I had that epiphany, I have been filled mostly with excitement. I've spent my summer days working to buy a new laptop for my college classes, and I have been dorm shopping almost every day. I never knew it could be so exciting buying bedding!

Now I am nearly ready to move into my dorm, and I am so ready for the next month to fly by. Tomorrow I meet my roommate and get to officially enroll in college.

I believe the next few years may be the best of my life, and I cannot wait!

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