Why You Should Be Watching These Emmy Nominated Drama Series

You Should Be Watching These 7 Emmy Nominated Drama Series

The 2018 Emmy Nominations are out, and the Best Drama Series nominees are bringing the heat! Check out why you should be watching these incredible shows.


The 2018 Emmy Nominations have been released, and they're filled with popular favorites as well as some lesser-known newcomers. Obviously, these series are the best of the best, as they have received Emmy nominations from the Television Academy. But if you aren't watching some of these shows, these are the reasons that you should be:

1. "The Americans"

This under-rated and under-appreciated FX series picked up a Best Drama Series Emmy nomination for its final season. "The Americans" is a serious series about 2 KGB agents in an arranged marriage who are undercover in the U.S. as spies. Set in the early 1980s during the Cold War, this show not only analyzes the political climate but follows the KGB agents as they get deeper into undercover missions and as the Russian husband starts to warm up to American life. Don't sleep on this incredible series!

2. "The Crown"

Queen Elizabeth II is a badass. And if you don't know, now you know. This Netflix original series chronicles the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Philip, and the British Monarchy. Each season is based on a decade of the Queen's rule, starting with the decade she was crowned. With true historical and political plot lines, intensely personal scenes, and the best costumes, makeup, and sets found in any show, "The Crown" never disappoints. Season 3 is on the way, so the time to binge Seasons 1 and 2 is now.

3. "Game of Thrones"

Game of Thrones is obviously wildly popular and a long time fan and Television Academy favorite, but the quality of this series cannot be overstated. If you're not already a devoted "Game of Thrones" fan, here's a quick recap that can't even begin to touch on the details of this incredible series: a few noble families fight for the power and control of the mythical land of Westeros while an ancient, powerful enemy rises to defeat them all. If you don't already watch "Game of Thrones," do it. This series is a MUST SEE.

4. "The Handmaid's Tale"

"The Handmaid's Tale" is the hit Hulu series based on Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name. This series tells the story of a totalitarian society that treats women as property and as part of the state, used to revive the society from low birth rates by using the fertile women as sex slaves to produce children. Offred, the main character trying to break the system and find her biological daughter, is your main guide through this chilling series. Although it can be scary to watch, this Emmy winning series will keep you hooked.

5. "Stranger Things"

When 12-year-old Will Byers goes missing, his mother and 3 best friends launch a full search attempt and investigation to try to locate him. What Joyce Byers and the local authorities find, however, is a full-blown sci-fi mystery that's terrorizing this small Indiana town. Come for the mystery, scientific experiments, and Millie Bobbie Brown's Eleven. Stay for the amazing character development, storytelling, and 80s references. Even if sci-fi isn't your thing, you're sure to love this Netflix original from the Duffer Brothers.

6. "This Is Us"

If you're not yet watching this tear-jerker from NBC, you're not living! This series centers on Jack and Rebecca Pearson, their triplet children, and their family's life that spans across multiple generations. At the start of the series, the characters you're introduced to all have the same birthdays but are seemingly unrelated to one another. The big reveal in the season premiere will clue you into how everyone relates to one another and how their lives intertwine.

7. "Westworld"

If you're looking for a series that will make your mind do mental gymnastics, look no further than "Westworld." This HBO drama series dives into the theme park Westworld, where humans can enjoy a fantasy world without human consequences. As you get further into this series, you'll learn that the imaginary hosts in this park are not just there for human enjoyment but play a much larger role in this series. This series will have you guessing what's fiction and what's reality. Sit back, press play, and let the twists and turns of "Westworld" blow your mind.

What are you waiting for? Get watching!

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6 Times 'The Bold Type' Tackled Real-Life Issues

They're undeniably bold.


The fresh, millennial TV show "The Bold Type" is known to cover a wide-range of cultural issues that society faces today. Relationships, coming out to friends and coworkers, women and fertility, obstacles in the workplace, and tackling sexual harassment are all topics that have been thoroughly covered in this exciting and completely original storyline.

Each character must undertake obstacles, and here are a few wholesome examples.

When Sutton put her job above her relationship with Richard.


"It's a gamble. All of it. But I'm putting my money down on my career and believing that love will fall in place." – Sutton

She's a powerhouse, and through the trials of "The Bold Type" Season 2, Sutton feared her relationship with Richard, an HR employee for Stafford, the company that runs Scarlet, is going to jeopardize her future as a fashion designer at the magazine. In the end, she chose her career over Richard, and while she felt heartbroken over her decision, she knew it was what she had to do, in order to progress her career at Scarlet.

When Jane found out she carries the BRCA gene.


After losing her mom to breast cancer, Jane decides it's best she get tested for the gene mutation called BRCA. Well, she gets tested, and it comes out positive. Jane must quickly come to terms with her future fertility arrangements, and it becomes a lot to unpack for her, as she is only in her early 20s. However, she takes charge of her health and decides that she will be freezing her eggs to ensure her ability to have kids in the future, but another problem arises. The company that runs Scarlet doesn't have an insurance plan that covers medical visits for fertility issues. Jane is inflamed, so she turns her thoughts into words, writing a piece for Scarlet, discussing the unfairness between the company not offering fertility coverage, but instead, impotence, or Viagra coverage.

At the start of Season 3, which aired April 10, 2019, we see that her article worked, and we begin to witness Jane and the start of her egg-freezing process unravel.

When Kat tackled social norms.


Through navigating her first gay relationship with Adena to becoming the head of social media at Scarlet, Kat has shown she has what it takes to overcome obstacles and stand up for what she believes in. Although she is still working to find her true self, Kat never hides her feelings, but instead shows people that opening up about what they're going through is the best way to recover. Just recently, in Season 3, Kat opens up to her social media fans, sharing her story about her break up with Adena and how she is not always okay, and that's okay.

When Jacqueline spoke up about her sexual harassment experience.


The queen of Scarlet, Jacqueline, is the definition of strong. In an episode which reveals the weight that sexual harassment victims carry brings up a lot of unfortunate memories for Jacqueline, being a sexual harassment survivor herself. After holding back for far too long, Jacqueline opens up to the three women of "The Bold Type," and as the song "Quiet" plays in the background, the four women stand in solidarity, allowing Jacqueline to lay down the weight she's been carrying all throughout her career. It's an amazing episode, and it allows viewers to see a totally different side to Jacqueline, a woman who carries herself with complete resilience.

When Sutton realized she doesn’t have to give up her relationship, in order to do what she loves.


In the finale of Season 2, we were able to see Sutton and Richard finally reunite, as they decide that fighting for their relationship is the right thing to do. They rekindle their relationship, and not only do they make their relationship exclusive, Sutton decides to move in with Richard, which is huge for Sutton, and her long-time roommate Jane.

I think the most beautiful thing about Sutton getting back together with Richard is that she finally realized she is a remarkably- talented fashion designer, and no relationship is going to jeopardize that fact. Season 3 just began, so we'll see how Sutton and Richard's relationship continues to progress, or what issues may arise with them being exclusive.

The three dominant best friends never giving up on themselves or one another.


Finally, "The Bold Type" wouldn't be possible without the beautiful friendship behind Kat, Sutton, and Jane. They fight, they disagree, but they never choose to give up on one another, and that's such a special bond to have. They lift each other up, whether it's Jane freezing her eggs, Sutton moving in with Richard, or Kat getting over her relationship with Adena, the women of "The Bold Type" never back down.

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