Last Friday night was the first time I saw someone riding in West Campus with an electric scooter, but now I see them all over the UT Austin campus.

Turns out the Austin city members had been drafting a plan to manage dockless bikes and scooters and was going share their proposal to the Austin City Council in June.

Before they could get their proposal approved, two scooter companies have already begun placing their Lime-S and Bird scooters throughout West Campus and Guadalupe St.

What makes these electric scooters slightly more convenient than their B-cycle counterparts is students can leave them wherever they want.

Of course LimeBike and Bird recommends students leave their scooters near bike racks to decrease the chances of additional traffic in an already packed city, but students can essentially leave them wherever they want without the stress of finding a loading dock.

These new alternative methods of transportation for UT students and other fellow Austinites couldn't be more perfect with the month of April being about Earth awareness.

As UT students continue to be surprised with more convenient, sustainable and eco-friendly transportation methods, there's less incentive to bring their cars from home.

The city of Austin seems to be following UT Austin's Planet 2050 in its "eight-year sprint to find solutions that will make our communities more resilient and better prepared."

In the grand scheme of things, these new transit methods will help substantially reduce CO2 emissions and traffic.

Not to mention scooters and bicylcles are more pleasing to the eyes and ears than the hundreds of cars zooming by and impatiently honking at each other every day.