'Breaking Bad's' 'El Camino': How To Do A Teaser Right
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'Breaking Bad's' 'El Camino': How To Do A Teaser Right

Can audiences go into any film surprised anymore?


Rarely do audiences get a trailer these days that allows them to go in blind. The upcoming Netflix exclusive "Breaking Bad" sequel film "El Camino" isn't as explosive or action-packed as an "Avengers" or "Star Wars" trailer but still got plenty of people talking with the subtitle... A "Breaking Bad" Movie.

That was enough. Let the viewers know that it's a "Breaking Bad" film (specifically a continuation of the 2013 series finale) and that is enough. "Breaking Bad" has proved for five seasons that it does not need a lot to go on to get viewer anticipation. The "El Camino" is reminiscent of another first teaser trailer for a film that was anticipated by fans as well: James Cameron's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". There's no John or Sarah Connor, no T-1000 (who wasn't even known to be the villain at the time), or the Oscar-winning special effects. All the teaser showcases are Arnold as the T-800 from the previous 1984 film being put together by Skynet in a factory followed by the T2 title.

You should want the audience wanting to tune in so they can find out more not just see what they saw in a trailer extended. There will be a "Terminator" sequel and Arnold will be back (pun intended). That was enough then and it should be enough now as well. Now, there might be another full-length trailer released in a month for "El Camino" that contradicts all of this, but the film is less than two months away.

Part of the idea of the modern film is that individuals have to know every casting detail and nugget of information in the film before the film even releases. With outlets like TMZ and Access Hollywood (paparazzi), it's hard to go back to how things were. The days of audiences being surprised that Darth Vader is Luke's father are long gone.

"Breaking Bad" is an experience that should not be ruined for the three people that have not seen it yet, and the same applies to the upcoming movie. The presumed protagonist of the story is nowhere to be seen in this entire trailer (although he is mentioned). For all we know, the scene from the teaser may not even be in the actual film itself.

If the caption and thumbnail did not give it away, it would be hard to tell this was "Breaking Bad" related at all. The thing that slightly gives it away is the hidden pictures of Hank and Steve Gomez (Gomey) on the wall, then the audience is reintroduced to Skinny Pete played by Charles Baker, who is obviously a "Breaking Bad" supporting character when he begins recapping the events of the finale.

Trailer aside, there was a huge amount of mystery surrounding "El Camino", which people did not even know was a "Breaking Bad" film until months back and had just recently wrapped shooting under everyone's noses. Though the film has finished shooting, no other cast members have been revealed aside from Baker as Skinny Pete and the film's star Aaron Paul as the former partner of Bryan Cranston's Walter White, Jesse Pinkman.

No villain, no timeline, no story (though there are a few hints), none of that.

It really is a breath of fresh air to go into a film in 2019 and not being aware of the beginning, middle, and end before watching. It was a surprise that this film even exists as "Breaking Bad" is such a beloved show and was one series that was said to to be so sacred that any kind of continuation would taint the legacy. "Better Call Saul" is currently on the air, but that acts as a prequel to the events of "Breaking Bad" for the most part.

With "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan at the forefront of the upcoming film, I have faith that until this thing releases in October, viewers won't know anything unless he wants them to. Even the title "El Camino" (Spanish for "The Way") is very vague as far as plot investigating goes. Like the trailer itself, it gives away absolutely nothing.

A trailer with spoilers and reveals everywhere is nice at the moment and gets the fans excited, but it takes away from audience imagination as well. It's a lot more exciting going in and seeing those surprises than having it laid out for you in a trailer. Little is left to the imagination of the viewers and fans. The "Breaking Bad" name is enough to warrant people on its Netflix release day, breaking records.

The show is an established property that people love and respect. If Walter White is somehow shotgun with Jesse in the film, audiences should not see that in a trailer. The subtitle is the money shot.

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