The 15 Best Ed Sheeran Songs You've Never Listened To
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15 Ed Sheeran Songs That Are Completely Underrated

15 songs aren't enough, but let's be real, I would put all of his songs if I could.

15 Ed Sheeran Songs That Are Completely Underrated

I can still remember the days when I would just listen to all of his songs on YouTube for hours on end.

I would have millions of other things to do but I spent them listening to one of the most amazing singers I had ever heard. The words he wrote, the music he wrote to go with them, and the one man performance he was able to put on was mind-blowing. I had never seen a "one man band" that was actually worth watching and listening to until him.

When his first album was coming out I made sure to save every penny I had, literally. The night it was released, I made my dad drive me to store, Target to be exact, so I could buy the CD for myself. I searched the store high and low for a copy and walked up to the register with the biggest smile on my face. The cashier who rung me up looked at me like I was crazy because she had no idea who he was and there was a little girl with a Ziploc bag full of single bills and a BUNCH of change and not just the silver kind.

I listened to that CD for hours on repeat. I think I listened to it so much my dogs even knew the words to that album. From that first album, he has BLOWN UP. He has gone on world tours, won awards, collaborated with countless artists, and changed the lives of so many people. He was probably one of the first artists I was able to fully appreciate his talent and artistry.

But, enough with my love for him, I could go on for as long about him as I could for Harry Styles. If you truly want to dive into his work, you NEED to listen to these songs!

1. Little Lady feat. Mikill Pane

2. Drown Me Out feat. Ghetts

3. Sunburn

4. You Need Me, I Don't Need You

5. One Night

6. One

7. The Man

8. Everything You Are

9. Runaway

10. Firefly

11. Kiss Me

12. This

13. Tenerife Sea

14. Afire Love

15. You feat. Wiley

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