Easy Ways to Tolerate Diversity

Apparently, we have a right to our opinions even when those opinions are based on prejudices and/or lies. However, no matter how hard the collective society of the United States works to eliminate those prejudices or the harmful actions made to groups that are different, we still become witnesses to tragedies that put innocent people in harm's way.

America is supposed to be a country that represents and promotes individualism. We are supposed to promote our rights and liberties. We are supposed to have this "American dream" where anyone can make something of themselves regardless of what class or race or religion or disability with which they grew up.

Why is it not enough to have our own homes where we have privacy to allow us to feel a sense of security to tolerate diversity? Why do people have to hate other people who are so far away from them or can't even enter their homes? It does not make sense. Anything that is the opposite or not synonymous with tolerating diversity should be considered unacceptable.

So here is a list of steps to tolerating diversity because that is what we should be doing anyway without help:

1. It's the 21st century, so get over someone looking different from you

I don't know why people have some inherent motive to seek to homogenize society by thinking everyone has to be the same, but everyone can be different. Diversity is beautiful. We should not promote one eye color or skin color over another. If all our genetics were the same, it would be much more difficult for us to find genetic answers to eliminating the threats of diseases and bacterial infections.

2. Some people are more talented than others. Get over it.

Sometimes people purposefully use prejudices against others because they are jealous. We do not all need to have the same range of talents. It's completely acceptable for someone to be a better singer, runner, or trumpet player than someone else. We should not live in a rat race where everyone has to be in the #1 spot. Let's mix it up with diversity and remind each other that it is completely acceptable to have different talents and different ranges of ability in those talents. It's not the end of the world to not be considered number one.

3. If you can secure some privacy, why can't someone else be different than you?

As witnessed by society, not everyone can live with everyone else. Close quarters can breed conflict. However, we promote the idea of having the privacy within our homes for our own sake. Why can't that be good enough in feeling secure? Why do people need to hate other people when it's so easy to not hate them? If hatred does not produce a pleasure or good, why do people continue to do it? Logically, hatred does not do anything for society, so why promote it?

4. We all have the same range emotions, so use them.

Everyone feels like everyone else. Hurting other people's feelings just to be spiteful is not going to produce any sort of good for anyone. In fact, gaining pleasure from forcing someone to feel pain is a sign of instability in yourself more so than any other person. It is both unhealthy and unnatural to gain pleasure from someone else's pain.

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