11 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes
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11 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

These costumes require little to no effort!

11 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

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It's that time of the month again. No. Not that kind. But the time where you're like "Shit, Halloween's here. There's not enough time to make my own costume and I'm too poor to buy one." Well, my dear friends, I'm here to tell you... if you believe it, you can achieve it!

Now for me, Halloween is my Christmas. You know the feeling you got when you were a child, and you'd walk downstairs in your footy pajamas seeing the smiling faces of your parents and yours as you gazed upon the mountains of presents stacked under the tree? Go ahead, close your eyes, and take a moment to imagine that. Got it? Feel it? That's how I feel about Halloween. I've been preparing since August. Which, by this point in my life, I should probably have a sponsorship from A.C. Moore or Michael's (hint hint guys...)

Anyway, for those of you who aren't really feeling the Halloween Spirit but still have some parties to attend, allow me to show you the easy way out, while still being pop culturally in tuned and guaranteed to make at least one person smile or offended*.

*not guaranteed, but you know what I mean.

1. Regina George

Mean Girls is ALWAYS relevant and this costume is so simple and easy to pull off! Even if you are a guy and want to dress as something silly. This would be a great one. To recreate, simply get a white tank, cut holes in the boobs and wear a bright colored bra. Head to the local thrift store and score yourself an old school plaid or pink skirt and boom! You're Regina George. Bonus points: Add a blond wig to complete the outfit.

2. Damian (from Mean Girls)

Sticking with the Mean Girls theme, this is another easy one to pull off. Grab a light blue hoodie and some sunglasses. The more you drink, the louder you can yell "SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!"

3. Twin Girl Emoji

Emojis are so hot right now. Plus, this is the perfect costume for you and your bestie! Get a pair of bunny ears and a black body suit. BOOM! Halloween costume.

4. USA Female Gymnastics Team

USA USA USA! Need I say more?! Get a white long sleeve bodysuit, and throw some glitter, red and blue paint on it. Tie your hair in a top knot and you'll look like you could be doing back flips on the balance beam! Bonus points: Wear some medals or participation ribbons you got back in the 3rd grade.

5. Kenneth Bone

This sweet, sweet man must be protected at all costs. After the 2nd debate, Ken made headlines with his super stylish sweater, which happened to be a backup outfit because he split the original suit he was going to wear. #RedSweater4Prez. To pull this costume off, head to Sears. Buy a red sweater. Buy a mustache and glasses from the Halloween Store. Feel free to use your costume as a pickup line. "Hey girl, did you know we Ken Bone after this if you like."

6. Damnnnnn Daniel

Okay, this one is super easy.... just wear Vans. Bonus points: Write "Damn Daniel" on a white t-shirt.

7. Arthur meme

In case you haven't noticed, Arthur memes are taking over the internet. Dress up as our favorite aardvark (I learned how to spell that because of that show) by wearing a white button down with a yellow sweater, some jeans and big glasses. Bonus point: invest in some brown animal ears!

8. Nickelback

Get ready to be the biggest pun at the party! This costume literally requires 0% effort. TAPE A NICKEL TO YOUR BACK. When people question your costume dedication, simply point to your back. Take it to the next level by buying a giant fake nickel and taping it to a shirt. Bonus points: Bring a photo with you and tell people every time you look at it, it makes you laugh.

9. Luke Cage

Netflix is crushing it in the superhero department. You can crush your Halloween costume so easily by dressing up as Luke Cage. Get a zip up hoodie and cut holes in it. Paint on a goatee and a bald cap. (Please, don't be culturally inappropriate.)

10. Negan from The Walking Dead

He is the villain everyone loves to hate and with the season just starting back up, it'll be super current! Slick back your hair, get a mustache, and sponge on some 5 o'clock shadow. For wardrobe, wear a red scarf with a black leather jacket and some gray cargo pants. Bonus points: carry a bat (wiffle ball bat will do) and wrap it in some gray yarn to mimic barbed wire.

11. Chicken Cordon Bleu

Ever think to yourself, 'Man, I really wish there was some way I could dress as my favorite meal." Well, get ready to have a strong pun game. To pull off this outfit, wear a blue outfit/dress, get a rubber chicken and tie it around your waist with an old phone cord. No one will get it until you explain, but once you do.... you'll probably win all the door prizes. You're welcome.

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