I am a sole believer that if you feel confident about yourself, then you will exude strength and positivity into the world around you. There's some old saying along the lines of, if you smile at yourself, then the world will smile back at you. In this era of body positivity and self-worth that I am so grateful to be a part of, it is so important for all of us to instill confidence not only in each other but in ourselves!

Therefore, I think that dressing and accessorizing for success is the key to leading positive and productive lives. For me, I am very passionate about fashion. I try to make sure that every time I leave the house, I am confident in my own skin, wearing whatever I feel powerful on that day. Even if I am running errands or going to the gym, I make sure to leave the house in a positive mindset, knowing that I feel good in whatever I am wearing.

Now, I, along with many others, have had a long journey to body confidence. Since my youth, I remember struggling with aspects of my body and constantly comparing myself to others. While this internal struggle has not ceased completely, something that really helped me to overcome this battle of self-loathing was finding my own style.

I found in high school that the fashion trends for teens were aimed at a body type that I just did not have. I was uncomfortable wearing super short short and low cut, skin tight tops. Instead, I took the time to develop my own style by choosing clothing and accessories that made me feel..well, like me.

One of the main ways that I instilled confidence in myself was through wearing earrings. To many, this might sound like such a small part of my outfit/appearance, but for me, earrings were a sure-fire way to feel confident without worrying about how they fit my body. If I was having a particularly self-conscious day, earrings would still allow me to be confident and feel beautiful.

I still make an effort to accessorize even if I am just running errands in leggings and a t-shirt. Finding and defining my style over the years has helped immensely in my journey to body confidence and high self-esteem. It's funny because now earrings have kind of become "my thing." A dear friend of mine said to me recently that she is always so excited to see which earrings I'll be wearing, and I have to say, that boosted my confidence even more. This goes along with that old saying from earlier. If you are putting effort into making yourself happy, then the world will be happy too. I wear earrings to make myself feel confident and beautiful, and in doing that, I have been able to pass some happiness onto someone else, which is an incredible feeling.

For all people out there who struggle with insecurity, I know how you feel! I think it is so important for people to feel confident in their own skin, and they should be able to so through any means necessary! No matter what color, pattern, texture, or style makes you happy, rock it! Everyone deserves to be confident and it can all start with something as simple as an earring.