When it comes to plus size characters, many movies get it all wrong. Often times, plus size characters are only featured in films as the sidekick, and when they do get to be the center of attention, their entire storyline revolves around how bad it is to be plus size and the hindrances that come from their physical appearance.

Finally, though, we plus size girls have a movie we can relate to, and that movie is "Dumplin."

Based on the bestselling YA novel by Julie Murphy, "Dumplin" follows Willowdean Dixon on her quest to revolutionize the beauty standards set up by pageant culture, and, her journey to learning that she's just as beautiful as anybody else...and also just as judgemental.

One of the best things about this film is that it presents us with the main character who isn't just a fat girl; unlike so many other movies and television shows, Willowdean has a personality outside of just being plus size. She's quick-witted, outgoing, and wholeheartedly obsessed with Dolly Parton, and viewers get to see all of these aspects of her personality just as much as they get to hear about her weight.

On top of that, Willowdean also has her flaws. Just like people judge her, she has a bad habit of judging other people on their body. This is an important element of the movie that shows Willowdean that body positivity flows both ways, and it also makes her so much more human.

By having Willowdean learn this lesson in the movie, it allows her character arch to be different than that of most plus size characters; instead of her weight being the critical character change, she learns an important lesson.

It's safe to say that, overall, "Dumplin" is the feel-good, uplifting plus size film we big girls have all been waiting for. No more television shows taking plus size characters and making them lose weight for a revenge-arch, and no more saying that plus size women are beautiful on just the inside.

"Dumplin" is here to set the standards for plus size main characters higher, and where they should've been, to begin with.