Drone-Loving Obama Strikes Again
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Drone-Loving Obama Strikes Again

Another drone attack, another chance to miss it.

Drone-Loving Obama Strikes Again
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On March 5, 2016, Obama ordered a drone airstrike on a Somalian training camp that belongs to the Islamist militant group, Shabab. The act of violence killed roughly 150 fighters, fighters whom American officials believed to be in the process of planning an attack on American troops and their allies in East Africa.

It has become all too frequent for the drone-obsessed Obama, who has clearly demonstrated drone-killing is one of his favorite go-to answers. The violent approach is not a new one; killing people, whether the armed or the completely innocent, is a historically pure reflection of the American way of settling disputes.

According to Pentagon officials, no civilian casualties were reported, though there was no deep investigation to verify the claim anyway. This drone strike concentrated killing Shabab soldiers on foot, a different course from the usual goal of aiming for the group's leader.

The current militaristic goal of the United States is to prevent the spread of the Islamic State in Libya. The goal is not to negotiate with words but rather to fight with drones, bombs, and shooting. Furthermore, the dearly beloved Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Obama, has a seriously destructive habit of utilizing drones. It is frequent. It is in the shadows. It is rarely questioned.

It is also cold violence or violence that does not get much press. Similarly, the innocent people that are killed by these drone strikes are hardly ever in the news either. A report came out a few months ago that said that Obama's drone attacks kill people who were not intended targets 90 percent of the time. That's killing 100 people when you only meant to kill 10. Just last October, US pilots bombed a hospital in Afghanistan that was run by Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The bombing is just one of the numerous apathetic assaults on foreign land and its people.

There is a side of American politics that receives little to no attention. The American government does not want us to know the realistic horrors and cruel acts of terror that they engage in. Obama wants us to look good just as any politician would. There appears to be no alternate course of action approaching any time soon with presidential debates focusing on military spending, racism, various inequalities, illegal immigration, gun control, and other noteworthy problems. Suffice to say America has got its hands full; some issues just receive more coverage than others.

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