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Stop overthinking, and don't worry.

You are spending too much time saving depressing quotes and making yourself cry. You are spending too much time finding problems in your life to highlight.


Don't go so hard on yourself. It is easy to feel hidden. It is easy to feel like the sun is shining yet you are under some umbrella receiving no light. I understand these feelings yet I have learned that you are not as hidden as you feel.

It is easy to feel like the white crayon of the box. You feel like no one really cares about you.

You are wrong. Just because there is a certain week where your friends don't text as much, or you don't have as many plans, does not meet you are worthless.

It is important to recognize that we need to feel low in order to appreciate feeling high. It is so much more fun to be happy when we know what sad feels like.

So don't give up when you are at your lowest. Remain your own friend. Remind yourself that the light will be coming.

Stop taking life too seriously and just keep moving through.

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