As people, we go through stages of life where we will not be able to recognize the person that we are. We will look in the mirror, and think "how did I get here?" When you get to this place, there is always something I say to myself to get the concept of change across my head:

You will never be the person that you were.

You are not who you were a year ago. You are not even who you were a week ago. The thing about change is that it is constant. Things will change when we don't want them to. Accept the change. Know when you're the seasons with people, activities, and places are up. Things won't change when we want them to, and sometimes we give up on the hope that things are going to change for the better. But our time isn't always His time. Take heart in the seasons that are cold. Endure the weather. The sun has got to come out eventually.

I was scrolling through twitter the other day, and I read a phrase that said: "To ask someone to become the person you were, is asking the to disregard all they have learned, and I will not do it." You are exactly who you need to be in this moment. You are allowed to do whatever you need to do in this moment to be exactly who you are. You are allowed to scream and cry and smile and laugh and talk to whoever you want and be whoever you want. You are allowed to surround yourself with people who love and support you. You are allowed to ask for help. You are allowed to feel beautiful.

So who are you?

You are not the person that is too much. You are just enough. You are kind. You are funny. You have people that love you. You are a personality that is unique to exactly who you are. You are a person who feels things deeply and loves people widely. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders when you don't need to, but you love people so well because you choose to help them carry the weight they cannot bear on their own. You are a person, a force, a voice to be reckoned with. You are everything that you need to be even if you are not the same person that you were. Even if you are changing. Even if you look in the mirror and see a disaster. You are more than I could explain with these words, more than people could say, more than humans have the ability to understand because you are a wanted, chosen, beloved child of God.

And I'm fighting for you every single day. You have people fighting for you every single day. You have the King of Kings fighting for you every single day. And that's a person that demands to be heard and demands to be loved.