Why dogs truly are man's best friend

Dogs Play A Big Part Everyday Life And They Are Truly Man's Best Friend

Dogs are known to be man's best friend, and they most definitely are, plus so much more.


Dogs have played a huge role in many people's lives throughout history, and continue to do so today. It's true that not every single person likes dogs, but many people do, and they can often be so much more than just a companion. Some may ask how, and that's what I'm here to talk about. They can be used for helping people who may be disabled in one way or another, emotional support, motivation, and work, along with many other uses that prove to be extremely helpful in multiple different situations, and through it all, they stay loyal, proving how much we need them in our lives.

First is the most obvious reason dogs play such an important part in some of our lives. They are viewed as a companion by most people, if not everyone, but many of those who own dogs will view them as much more than that. They are as much a part of the family as your siblings may be. It's true that they can't necessarily verbally communicate like the humans in your family, but they definitely have their own ways of getting their point across. Some dogs are extremely sassy at points, some are very smart, and some are just complete goofballs, but nearly all of them are extremely loyal to their family. Depending on the dog breed, one dog may be in your life for around 12 years, and losing them often is one of the most emotionally painful things someone can go through. I personally remember that when my first dog died when I was still generally young, who had been a part of my family before I was born, I was completely heartbroken, but I believed that he could still watch me from heaven much like family members can. Because of this, I would get dog-related books from the library, go outside with them, and read them out loud for him, hoping he was watching over me.

Another common use often related to dogs is therapy/service. I'm sure most of you have seen a service dog before, especially if you attend a college/university. Dogs are known to be loving, supportive, loyal animals with a need to serve their owners, which makes them a perfect candidate for service animals. It's true that many of them aren't extremely easy to train, but they can still learn a large variety of commands and hand signals. There are even some dogs that have learned to understand sign language!

Another use for dogs that is similar to service dogs, but isn't the same is emotional support dogs. They don't get the vests saying not to touch them, and they often don't get to go in buildings that usually don't allow dogs, and they aren't trained like service dogs are, but their job is still incredibly important. If you sign a form to make your dog an emotional support animal and qualify to have one, you can bring them with you on airplanes, and can also usually have them in apartments that may not usually allow dogs. They often serve people with depression, anxiety, etc., and much like what I said about dogs in the service position, they are perfect candidates.

One thing that dogs tend to help me with along with many others it motivation. I know that a lot of people don't necessarily like exercising, working, or anything of that sort, but if you know that you'll be helping your dog, or if it relates to the dogs needs people will be much more willing to do such things. Examples are that dogs need to get a certain amount of exercise each day or else they will get restless and misbehave, and it's terrible for their health to not exercise, or if you're struggling with motivation to study in college, you can think of how you'll need a certain income to make sure you can take care of both yourself and your pet.

Finally, there is the use of work. Dogs are used for multiple different kinds of jobs, some of the more popular ones being the police force, the military, and farmwork. Their loyalty and need to please compel them to do their best to accomplish any task they are given no matter the danger or exhaustion that may come from it. Of course, they need to be trained for any job they participate in, but at the end of the training, and even during it gives them a purpose, and from what I realized is that dogs often are happier when they have a purpose.

In the end, there are still so many other reasons dogs are treasured that I didn't go into detail with or even mentioned. It's true that like with any animal, there are a few "bad eggs," but overall they are amazing animals that truly live up to their title of man's best friend, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

These cat breeds are super cute and underrated.

It seems that the only breeds anyone can actually recognize are those of dogs, cats really don't get enough recognition. There is just as much of a variety of cat breeds as there are of dog breeds, almost anyway, and they deserve love and recognition as well. So, here are the top 10 cat breeds I've deemed as the absolute cutest!

1. Exotic Persian

Exotic Persian cats are one of the cutest breeds in my opinion. Theses are the squished faced cats. The cats that perpetually look grumpy and disappointed. They're also super high-maintenance and believe you're supposed to cater to their every whim. Which, to be fair, you are.

2. Scottish Fold

Scootish Folds are super adorable because they're very unique. They're ears fold over, making them always appear to be begging you for something. They also always look a little bit sad, which, of course, only makes you love them more.

3. Himalayan

Himalayan cats are just magnificent and so prestigious. These cats are fluffy, deserve the best, and expect nothing but the best.

4. British Shorthair

I'm not sure what it is about these cats that makes them so adorable, but my roommate has tried to describe them as "fat and sassy." - Delaney Pulice. She's not wrong. They're pretty chubby and look like they're just a little bit too good for you. In all honesty, what cat isn't too good for us?

5. Maine Coon

These cats are particularly wonderful because they can be giant. I mean, giant. These cats can grown into the sizes of large dogs, which, of course, if everything we could all ever ask for in a cat. Who wouldn't want a giant cat that could probably double as a pillow?

6. Persian

These cats are only a little bit different from Exotic Persians, but there's a difference. Persians tend to have less squished face than Exotics, but every cat is different. The one above is a Silver Persian. He had to eat his food off of a plate because his flat face couldn't fit in a cat food bowl.

7. Munchkin

These tiny little guys never really grow much. Their legs are perpetually short and stubby, making them the ideal cats, because, if you had a choice, wouldn't you want your cat to be either giant like a Maine Coon or tiny like a Munchkin cat? Of course you would.

8. Siberian

These cats are just generally beautiful. They have long, shiny, fluffy coats and are just pretty cats. Plus, they look super cuddly, like they might purr for hours if you brushed them.

9. British Longhair

Another just simply beautiful cat. When you see those posts online that say "This cat is prettier than I am," yeah, that's these cats. They have long, soft coats as well that they like to keep clean. And as all cats do, they look like they're just a little bit above us and we have to cater to them.

10. Ragdoll

Finally, we have Ragdoll cats. These cats look a bit like fluffier Siamese cats. Which, let's face it, Siamese cats aren't necessarily the cutest. However, if you just add a lot of fluff, because the fluffier the better, they become much cuter.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Branch

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To Whoever Adopts The Dog I Had To Give Up

To whom it may concern...


I begged and begged to get that beautiful dog. The moment I laid my eyes on her I gasped from how cute and beautiful she was. She was so sweet to my parents and I that we took her home with us that same day. I truly fell in love with her instantly. She slept right in my bed with me that first night and I could tell I was getting attached very quickly. That is what makes this hurt the most.

Stevie, or whatever your name may be in the future, just know that I loved every single second spent with you. I know our time together was so short, but that small amount of time made a wonderful impact on me. Those big beautiful brown eyes warmed by heart so much. Even though you woke me up early to go to the bathroom, I didn't care. That just meant more time we could spend together. I am sorry that I was not able to provide you the life you deserved. It's not your fault that you're the way you are in certain situations. You are a perfect dog and I want you to know that and I want you to know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

The lucky person who gets to have that beautiful girl in their life, whoever you are I am so happy you're doing what you're doing. We had done everything we could manage, but our community was just not right for her. I hope wherever you are you have amazing neighbors like we did that are supportive of everything that happens. If you don't, that's okay because that means Stevie ended up at an even better place. Somewhere she can run around at without a leash and doesn't have other dogs interfering with her territory. I was devastated to let her go. I didn't want to, but it was becoming the only option. I cried a lot, but Stevie doesn't deserve to be in stressful situations like she was when I had her.

I just want to thank you for taking her in. Thank you for caring for her and hopefully giving her the amazing life that she deserves. She is a spunky little girl, but she is as sweet as can be. Tell her that I love her and miss her.

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