If It Doesn't Affect Me I Honestly Just Don't Care
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If It Doesn't Affect Me I Honestly Just Don't Care

Don't mind me minding my own.

If It Doesn't Affect Me I Honestly Just Don't Care
Sharon Garcia

This has nothing to do with politics, my friends and family, or big issue topics, this has everything to do with just minding my own business. It's plain and simple, if it doesn't affect me I just don't care.

If you have a secret don't tell me, if you're looking to gossip go tell someone else, unless someone is dying on the floor, keep whatever it is to yourself. There is nothing THAT interesting going on in someone else's life that I need to know about it.

If someone blabs I don't want to be attached to that secret, I want absolutely no traces back to me because I'm not about to take the fall for someone else's big mouth.

I don't understand the obsession people have with wanting to know every single detail about other people's lives. Now, I'm not perfect and if I hear something juicy I'm probably going to tell someone, but guess who my secret keeper is... my mom. I am not about to tell so-and-so down the street and expect her to keep it private.

Or if I'm feeling nosy I just turn on the Kardashians and I'm satisfied for the next month. At least they know what they're saying is going to be spread to the world, your friends that you're spilling the beans about didn't sign up for that.

Anytime someone (especially someone I'm not even close with) starts going on about another person, I immediately check out. I'll pick up my phone, go to the bathroom, or just straight up ignore them.

Gossiping, in my opinion, is a sign of insecurity. If your pastime is choosing who the talk of the town is for today then you're probably just trying to take the attention off of yourself. You're trying to get everyone focused on another person so that people don't start talking about you.

Grow up. Worry about yourself. Personally, I am too busy with school, work, friends, and worrying about graduation to even begin to think about what is going on in somebody else's life.

Not only that but no one is perfect. How can you judge someone for something when you make mistakes too? Last time I checked Jesus was the only one who's perfect from head to toe so you might want to reevaluate how you're living your life before you start to judge another's.

Bottom line, just live your life and go on. I can promise that once you stop stressing yourself out over what everyone else is doing you're going to become so much happier. Life is way too short to not take care of yourself.

Have a night in with your loved ones, or a Sunday fun-day with your best friends, just enjoy life right now because it could be gone tomorrow. When you get older you're not going to remember all that he-said-she-said talk anyways, you're going to look back and remember all the good things that happened in your life, so stop wasting moments that could be made making memories with the people you love.

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