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'She's Running' Is The Must-See Docu-series About How Women Are Taking Over Politics

Wait, you still haven't watch VICE NEWS Docu-series She's Running? You better!


If you're a crazy person and haven't watched the docu-series from VICE NEWS titled "She's Running," then you're insane.

Episode 3 and 4 in this series were the final episodes. This four-part series made an impact showing that no matter if these women win or lose, the fact that they're not just getting to informed about politics, but that they're getting involved is extraordinary.

These women had to fundraise and put themselves out there. These women show that no matter what party you are, women running for office face struggles. Yet, these ladies show up every day canvassing door to door and holding fundraisers. Then when you think it's all about to be over because election day is around the corner, you are sorely mistaken. These women work their ass off the most during the period where election day is almost here.

They have to attend debates, more press than ever, run around canvassing more, and create speeches. These women deserve praise just for having the courage to run for office. Anyone, especially women, should feel inspired watching this four-part series.

Episode 3 "The Biggest Barrier For Female Candidates in 2018? Money"

These women in this episode survive debates, raise voters' awareness, and ask donors to open up their wallets.

Obviously, if you're running for any position in office, you need a butt load of money. These women knew that, but you never thought how hard it would be to ask for it, especially as a woman. Anna Eskamani said, "Why many women don't run for office in the first place? We are told not to take up a lot of space, we're told not to talk about finances." Deidre DeJear says, "they told me it'd get easier, it hasn't. I don't want to burden people." Morgan Zegers said "Who likes fundraising? A sick person."

Pearl Kim put 200,000 dollars of her own money from her savings into her campaign. That takes courage to put your life's saving into a campaign for office.

A big part of this episode was showing how competing against your opponent can be difficult. The Republican Party of Florida, alongside the candidate running against Anna, sent out $200,000 worth of flyers that are photoshopped of Anna Eskamani seeming very aggressive. These ads call her vulgar, immature, and extreme. They tried to paint an ugly picture of the Democratic candidate running for district 47. They wanted to scare the district away from voting for her.

Also shown in this episode, is the appreciation each candidate has for its volunteers who come daily to canvass and campaign.

Debates were shown between the candidates and their opponents, primarily hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Episode 4 "Watch These First-Time Female Candidates Find Out If They Won On Election Night"

Unfortunately, three out of four of the women shown in this documentary did not win the position they ran for. But that is not the point of this docu-series.

These women running made a point. It displays how a woman can handle defeat or victory.

Anna Eskamani, Democrat running for Florida's House District 47, won. Orlando's very own. Anna won with about 60% of the vote. It just shows that when you're dedicated and want something badly, you can accomplish anything.

The other three women all were in a close race and faced some struggles within their states.

Something I deeply admired about Deidre DeJears campaign was the fact that she just wanted everyone to vote. Iowa had the largest voter turnout that it's had in years. That was how she felt accomplished from her campaign. She was a Democrat, yes, but despite your party, she wanted everyone to go out and vote. That's admirable.

Pearl Kim and Morgan Zegers were the Republican candidates running for office in their states and both of them unfortunately lost. Zegers took it very well and said she is still young and this was an experience that she needed to go for, and she did. Pearl Kim took her to lose like an absolute champ and was offered a deal for her life story to be written.

These women all accomplished something by running. Them running shows how others can run. Despite sexual orientation, sexual preferences, race, religion, you can run. These women paved the path for anyone to run. Not just running politics, to do anything. The determination and courage shown by these women are inspiring.

2018 was the year of women, especially in politics.

VICE NEWS said, "These four very different women, who we followed on the campaign trail for six months, got into politics for very different reasons, but shared one thing in common: They'd never thought they'd be candidates."

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