Deck Out Your Dorm Broadway Style
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Deck Out Your Dorm Broadway Style

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Deck Out Your Dorm Broadway Style
Evelyn Kanter

Do you find yourself singing show tunes under your breath? Have you been performing power ballads in the shower since you can remember? Then you are almost certainly a Broadway baby. Whether or not you're a theater major, if you love Broadway or any live theater performance, you will definitely need all of these treasures for your dorm. Don't let anyone rain on your parade while you show off your theater geekiness with pride.

Broadway fleece blanket.

Wrap up in this fuzzy blanket and dream of the day when your name will be the one up in lights. Featuring the iconic intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street, this blanket is a must have for Broadway lovers and hopefuls alike.

"Phantom of the Opera" pillow.

Listen to the music of the night and cuddle up against everyone's favorite phantom with this adorable handmade Phantom and you'll never feel lonely again.

"Beauty and the Beast" mason jar lamp.

Flick on this light as you crack open a book and read a tale as old as time (aka all those plays you have to read for your theater history class). If you're a Disney and/or Broadway fan, then you certainly need this lamp to illuminate your days and nights.

"Never Fully Dressed" removable wall art.

Remind yourself of the lesson we all learned so young when we watched Annie. Even if you're wearing that pair of jeans for the fourth time this week, remember to add a smile and you'll be golden.

"Rent" the musical, wall clock.

You'll surely keep track of the 525,600 minutes with this colorful "Rent" wall clock. Add some color to your room, keep yourself on time and remember that there's no day but today.

Broadway musicals throw pillow cover.

Set this atop your bed and everyone will know right away where they can find you (the theatre, of course). When the people in your hall start asking who's belting show tunes at all hours, you won't even have to explain.

Playbill pajamas.

No Broadway baby's wardrobe is complete without a set of Playbill pajamas. Featuring the iconic playbills of countless different Broadway productions, you can even use these as a way to tally how many shows you've seen!

Broadway street sign.

Keep a constant reminder of where you'll find yourself someday with this Broadway street sign hung up on your wall. A convenient and removable vinyl wall decal means that you'll be able to take it with you!

"Les Miserables" minimalist poster.

Hang this beautiful minimalist poster above your desk and remember that there's always one day more. Show off your "Les Miserables" pride and dream about finding your Marius (or Cosette).

2015-16 Playbill poster.

Commemorate the groundbreaking 2015-16 Broadway season with this poster featuring the Playbills from all it's shows. Featuring favorites like "Hamilton," "Shuffle Along," "Waitress" and "Eclipsed," this poster is definitely a must-have for any Broadway lover.

"My Shot" dictionary art.

Put this up above your desk and you'll always be reminded that you too are young, scrappy and hungry, but not throwing away your shot. A classy homage to the Insta-classic "Hamilton."

"Cabaret" pillow.

What's a theater kid's collection without a little Liza Minelli? Lacking. Prop this pillow on your bed and always be reminded of Liza and "Cabaret." Perhaps it'll inspire your next audition song and maybe this time you'll be lucky.

"Annie Get Your Gun" poster.

This beautiful Art Noveau style poster features everyone's favorite feminist, Annie Oakley. Get your guns ready to go and let Annie inspire you.

"Anything You Can Do" mug.

Are you not a morning person? Then you defintely need this inspirational mug to remind you that you can do anything. Oh, and you can do it better.

"Hairspray" think big tote.

Store all of your plays, audition music and jazz shoes in this "Hairspray" inspired tote bag. Carry it around with you as you think big and visualize your next role up on stage.

Sunrise, Sunset "Fiddler on the Roof" collage.

Sunrise, sunset swiftly fly the college years. With this mixed media collage you'll be reminded of the treasure that is each day and how quick your college years will go by.

"Newsies" seize the day Moleskine notebook.

Write down all your dreams and goals in this Newsies inspired Moleskine featuring a reminder to seize each day. This subtle yet powerful reminder will surely kick your butt into gear when all you want to do is rewatch "Smash and eat Chinse food in bed.

"Wicked" coffee mug.

Ensure that your roommate knows where you stand as far as the early morning hours. Have your coffee in this mug and everyone will know what to expect from you.

Prisoner 24601 travel mug.

Transport your coffee or tea in style while remembering everyone's favorite bread thief. Perhaps this mug will even remind you to live an honest life as Jean Valjean tried to do. That, or you'll just look super cool walking to class.

"Legally Blonde" engraved pencils.

Don't worry about that upcoming test! If Elle could go to Harvard, then you can make it through midterms. Use these cute and perfectly pink pencils as motivation to power through your exams.

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