Decadence Arizona 2018: A Recap
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Decadence Arizona 2018: A Recap

Missed out on Decadence Arizona? Here is everything you should know!

Decadence Arizona 2018: A Recap
Carina Llewelyn Photos

Walking into Decadence, you could feel the excitement of the new year that was upon us. Smiles from ear to ear and laughter everywhere you looked. Decadence Arizona was full of incredible headliners such as DJ Diesel, Ghastly, Alison Wonderland, Rezz, Marshmello, NGHTMRE, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and more. Everyone brought their best set and got the crowd hyped from 3:00 p.m. to about 4:00 a.m. The energy level from Arizona never stopped. Despite the downpour of rain on the second day, that did not stop anyone from raging their hearts out and having a good time. That goes to show how dedicated everyone was to attend.

It may have been 30 degrees but Decadence Arizona brought the heat. Attached are some of the exhilarating moments I was able to capture on my camera.

GhastlyCarina Llewelyn Photos

GhastlyCarina Llewelyn Photos

GhastlyCarina Llewelyn Photos

GhastlyCarina Llewelyn Photos

Ghastly never disappoints with his sets. He kept the crowd on their toes and kept the energy going. Ghastly also mentioned secret or not, that he plans on moving back to Arizona, so you could imagine how thrilled everyone was hearing that. His dad also attended the show to watch his son do what he does best.

RezzCarina Llewelyn Photos

RezzCarina Llewelyn Photos

Rezz brought the heat. She mesmerized us with not only her glasses but her music and visuals. It is still crazy to me knowing she is so young and has such a huge following. As a fan, I am so proud and happy for her to see how far she has come with her music. She said herself, "playing directly after Skrillex was insanity." Her set was insanity if I do say so myself.

San HoloCarina Llewelyn Photos

San HoloCarina Llewelyn Photos

San HoloCarina Llewelyn Photos

San HoloCarina Llewelyn Photos

San Holo's set stood out from the rest. He went above and beyond standing behind all the equipment. Mid-performance, he pulled out his electric guitar and added that into the set. It was remarkable and proved to everyone that he is not only a DJ but a guitarist. It is safe to say that Arizona replied by lifting him off the ground.

Porter RobinsonCarina Llewelyn Photos

Porter Robinson has also been a favorite of mine. He always has sets that reminisce on his classic bangers. It always hits home for everyone. He will always remix his classics which catches everyone off guard but in a way that electrifies. By the way, some songs will hit you in the feels and make you emotional. I, myself have experienced it first hand. He makes you feel like you are in a dream. It is unreal to think music has that power.

NGHTMRECarina Llewelyn Photos

NGHTMRE brought the noise. If that wasn't heavy enough for you, DJ Diesel brought the drops to add to it. It was crazy to see what those two could accomplish not only on their own but together. It was madness!

DJ DieselCarina Llewelyn Photos

DJ Diesel & Brian BayatiCarina Llewelyn Photos

Seeing DJ Diesel (Shaquille O'Neil) was iconic. He is a legend in not only Basketball but also in the EDM world as well. Many DJs look up to him. It was insane being able to ring in the new year with not only him but NGHTMRE as well. The two of them crushed it. DJ Diesel brought out Kobe Bryant mid-set which made the crowd go insane. It was so unexpected and a moment no one will forget.

SkrillexCarina Llewelyn Photos

SkrillexCarina Llewelyn Photos

Skrillex never stopped dancing and going hard during his set which made watching him so fun. Mid-set, Skrillex stopped to tell everyone how grateful he was to be there with everyone and how it's amazing that we were all at the same place together celebrating New Year's Eve. He had everyone put up a light if they were ready for the new year which made the room illuminate in such a beautiful way. After that, he continued to play with his popular song, "Cinema." The visuals that were shown were a recap of his year which was very special to watch. He will always be the face of dubstep for me.

Hotel GarudaCarina Llewelyn Photos

Hotel Garuda used to consist of Manila Killa and Candle Weather. As of now, its only Candle Weather. I was quite interested to see his set being that he is solo now, however nothing has changed. He still brought out the good old house music that he does. Hotel Garuda's sets just make you want to dance and that is what I love about them. He knows how to keep the party going.

Skism B2B TrampaCarina Llewelyn Photos

Skism & TrampaCarina Llewelyn Photos

Skism B2B Trampa was insane. If you are someone who loves to head bang, I expected you to be here. They brought dubstep to a whole new level. The beats were constantly hard and heavy which made the crowd rowdy as ever. They sure know how to wake up a crowd.

Alison WonderlandCarina Llewelyn Photos

Alison Wonderland sure took a "W" for her set at Decadence Arizona. She sure knows how to f**k me up on a spiritual level. It was a set to remember. Being that her album had just come out not that long ago, it was the best time to see her.

MarshmelloCarina Llewelyn Photos

I have been dying to see Marshmello after two of my friends that don't like EDM music told me they loved him after seeing him in Vegas. I knew if they were saying that, he must be something else and he was. His visuals were fun and colorful just like his marshmello head. He always makes sure to throw in the throwbacks that everyone can't help but sing along to. I can see why everyone loves going to see him. He has such a fun and exciting set. His sets are fun for everyone and that's what brings in a lot of fans. He knows exactly what he is doing and is killing it.

DrezoCarina Llewelyn Photos

Drezo's underground house music went off. His mixes and compilations have been released on multiple big name labels. He has also gained recognition from top dance producers such as Tchami, Dillon Francis, and more. "Guap" and "Heaven" are two of his biggest hits that he threw into his mix. He knows exactly what it takes to keep the crowd moving.

Valentino KhanCarina Llewelyn Photos

Valentino Khan brought the house party to Arizona. Everyone was pumped to see what Valentino Khan would bring to the stage and he did not disappoint. He never lets down his heavy bass fans. The fact that Valentino Khan kept people on their feet till 4 AM was actually insane. That goes to show the energy that he brings out of his fans.

Dr. Fresch & BIJOUCarina Llewelyn Photos

Dr. Fresch and Bijou came out of course promoting their new collaboration of "Revelation" and of course my favorite song "Gangsta, Gangsta". This was the first set I saw at Decadence, so you can imagine how pumped I was for the rest of the festival after this set.

To conclude, Decadence Arizona is the way to go for New Years Eve plans. I have been wanting to go for years now and I am glad I was able to go this year. Not only did I go, but was able to go with photo credentials allowing me to have pit access and take pictures as well as getting treated as VIP Platinum, so there was nothing to complain about. I'd recommend Decadence Arizona to anyone I know, it is the best way to celebrating the end of one year and the start to a new year! Keep your eyes peeled on when tickets will be sold for the end of this year because you do not want to miss out and be depressed reading my recap articles. Bring in 2020 the right way!

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