Decadence Arizona Is A Must For New Years Eve!
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New Year

Decadence Arizona Is A Must For New Years Eve!

Everything you need to know about Decadence Arizona 2018

Decadence Arizona Is A Must For New Years Eve!
Carina Llewelyn

Being that New Year's Eve is here, tickets are on the last tier.

General Admission: $219

This grants you entry to the festival.

VIP: $339

This includes everything that a general admission would in addition to express VIP entrance, a commemorative lanyard, access to the VIP lounge, access to the VIP lounge, access to the VIP viewing deck, premium restrooms, and passed desserts in the VIP area.

Platinum: $769

This includes everything that a VIP ticket includes as well as complimentary drinks, side stage viewing at main stage, access to the hospitality lounge, steakhouse quality dinner, exclusive festival gift bag, and festival concierge.

You must be 21+ to purchase PLATINUM passes.

Tables are also available upon reservation.

The event is held at Rawhide Event Center which is located at:

5700 W North Loop Rd Chandler AZ

Also, Happy New Year to you... parking is FREE this year!

Don't miss out on ringing in the new year with the biggest DJs such as Porter Robinson, Ghastly, Marshmello, Nghtmre, Skrillex, and more! This event is 18+, so if you are of age, make sure to purchase your ticket before it is too late. If you buy them online, you are able to buy them at the door as long as it doesn't sell out. Food vendors will be at the venue if you ever get hungry or thirsty. However, they only accept RFID payments, so make sure you load up your wristband with money before entering for an easy experience.

For more information, visit Decadence Arizona

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