Dear _______, Why Do You Care?
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Dear _______, Why Do You Care?

With all of the injustices in this world, maybe you should find something else to be upset about.

Dear _______, Why Do You Care?
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Lately I have seen a lot of people expressing their disbelief of gender identity. There are numerous memes circulating about how people can’t just choose their gender based on their “feelings” and a ridiculous amount of videos about “debunking Transgenderism” and other nonsense.Personally, I do not struggle with my gender identity; my sex and gender are both female, so I know that I cannot possibly understand someone who is not cis gendered. I see where some of you have some confusion, but what I do not see is why you care?

I have honestly been disgusted by the lack of intelligence and empathy of those showing their disdain for someone who is different from them. I just don’t understand why someone else’s gender identity bothers you so much? I mean, it has exactly ZERO effect on how you live your life, so why does it upset you? I really don’t care how many genders there are, because, you know, it does not affect me. And since it does not affect me, I don’t think that I should really have a negative opinion on it. Because that is kind of like me saying that even though I don’t have diabetes, diabetes must not be real, because, you know, it doesn’t affect me personally. Now, do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Okay, good.

If you do not experience gender dysphoria, then you really don’t get an opinion on whether it is “real” or not. I guess I can’t stop you from having an opinion, but I will go ahead and suggest you keep it to yourself because condemning something you do not understand is about as ignorant as you can get. I had a really hard time understanding geometry in high school, but I didn’t go around telling everyone it wasn’t real, because that would make me an idiot.

Voicing your disbelief in gender dysphoria and/or gender identity shows that either one, you are just a jerk with nothing better to do that refuses to educate themselves on issues rather than spewing hate and misunderstanding for other human beings, or two, you are not comfortable with your own sexuality/gender identity that you must blast those who have become public about their own. And please, for the love of all this is good in this trainwreck of a world that we have, do not make this a religion thing. So God made Adam and Eve, yeah everyone has heard that story, you reiterating it does mean that someone with gender dysphoria is going to magically identify with the gender they were assigned with at birth. Save us the trouble and just don’t. You say that it is your duty as a Christian to let people know when they are doing something wrong, well most of these people already know that they aren’t exactly Christianity’s cover model for normal, so you can quit with that.

If you are familiar with my other articles, you have probably seen “An Open Letter to My Gay Sibling”. You either loved it, or hated it with everything you had and made sure that our church knew that. In my article I wrote about the unconditional love I have for my sibling. I also acknowledged the self-righteous Christians who take it upon themselves to warn homosexual people of their wrongdoing (as if they don’t already know how you feel about it). And guess what, they did just that. We haven’t been back to our church since. I was honestly so heartbroken when we no longer felt welcome in a place that had one been our safe-haven, but now I see how important it is that that happened to us. We don’t need fake acceptance. You might be wondering why I wandered off the path a bit here to talk about my previous article, but my point is that I have found more compassion and acceptance from those who you are condemning and “debunking” than those who have opened their Christian arms to later voice their disdain for me and my family behind closed doors.

I am not trying to rip on Christianity because I myself have been a Christian for a long time, maybe not what you think of as a Christian, but what I think of. However, with the attitudes and verbal vomit that I have seen come from some of you, I am beginning to wonder if I want to associate myself with this anymore. My relationship with God is just that, mine. So I really don't see why so many of you take it upon yourselves to "educate" us. Because your "educating" did far more harm to my sibling and I than it ever could have done good. And I think that is almost exactly what I addressed in my open letter. Funny how that worked out, isn't it?

So if you aren’t a jerk with nothing better to do, you are comfortable with your gender/sexuality, and you aren’t trying to use your religion as an excuse for these two things, then let me ask you again, why do you care so much about someone else’s lifestyle? If it affected you directly or put anyone in danger I would see why you would have such a negative outlook on it, but it doesn’t. It affects you a whole ZERO percent, so why don’t you find something else to be passionate about? Why do you let someone else’s life make you so upset? Honestly I think your “concern” for gender dysphoria says a lot more about you than it does about the people you harbor so much disgust for. Please take the time to ask yourself "Why do I care about someone else's life so much when it has no affect on how I live my life? Why do I share my opinion on an entire group of people when it is really none of my business?" Feel free to get back to me when you come up with an answer.

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