Dear Hillary,
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Dear Hillary,

A genuine hero.

Dear Hillary,

Dear Hillary,

I originally thought that if I were to write you a letter, it would be an apology on behalf of the people who have failed you in this country followed by my appreciation. Then I realized that more people loved you than the electoral votes gave you credit for, and now I can safely say that you don't need an apology. You need gratification.

You may not be titled as the next president of the United States, but you are a hero.

I was up until 5 in the morning the day after the election. I was commiserating; feeling sorry for myself and for womankind. There is no one who was more qualified to take the patriarchy by force and change the nation. With every obstacle, you persisted. Thank God for the day NASA told you that you couldn't be an astronaut so that you could exceed the limits here on Earth rather than those in space. At 13 you decided no was not an answer. Since that pivotal moment, you fought to get where you were this past year. It's funny because you never hid and people acted like they didn't know you. They acted like you were Bill Clinton's wife and not Hillary Rodham. They made you become HRC in the 90's and then mocked you for it when you needed those people the most. They made a fool of your 16 year old self for being a Goldwater girl, never recognizing that was the moment you decided to be a democrat for the people. You have always fought for the people, and you have always been a hero. Please don't think that has changed because of the backwards ideals of angry Americans- afraid of seeing a woman take the long coveted role of a white man.

All they had for you was your e-mails. Insisting that you be locked up while your opposition continued to rape women unabashedly, avoid his taxes, and scam local businesses day in and day out all in the name of being a good businessman. We know the true crime you committed was being unafraid of a history that has prohibited a woman's success for so long. It was your ambition to take the position of a leader, one that is not unheard of in other countries- all the while our nationalists cry that we are the best country in the world. What are we now?

A laughing stock.

They know we just missed out on what would have truly been the greatest opportunity this country has ever seen. And instead we replaced her with a con-man. A reality TV star. What a slap in the face. You deserved better. But you are the people's choice, and we will forever fight against the impending injustices in your honor.

Thank you so much Hillary Rodham-Clinton for giving me my fire. I thought I would never be as motivated as I was when you won the primaries, but here I am taking on half of the country while the other half stands strong with me. I'm finding myself in a time of toil and abuse. For one small second after the election, I thought I should just give up. If you couldn't do it, who could? But the truth is: you did do it. And you are recognized for it in the hearts of the people who matter most. I am important now. Every person who has ever fallen in priority in this country is more important now than ever. Because we all need to be strong and fight for what we deserve as one unit.

The monsters that hid under the guise of political correctness for fear of disturbing the peace have now unveiled themselves, and I know what I am up against face to face. They have been waiting to pounce for so long and the time has come. I know who cares about me without even knowing me, and I without even knowing them. When this moment is marked in history books as America's embarrassment, I and others like me will go down as the valiant fighters for what is right and just. You will be the winner, and Trump will be our nation's disgrace. Every country has one, and it is our turn, I suppose.

You have not broken through the cracks in the glass ceiling, but you have paved the way for someone to and I hope that will give you solace. NASA will forever be disappointed that they told a magnificent 13 year old girl "no", but the rest of us women rejoice in that decision because it brought you here. Please do not be sad. I truly beg of you to know that you have done something better for us women. You've taught us that even though we will fall, and even though it won't always be fair, we must push through and continue making ripples that disturb the universe. A universe that is silent due to the voices of too many people being forced to go unheard. If you had won these social issues would continue and we would pretend everything is okay in society. Now is the time for us to end them. Now that they are screaming at us to hide away, it is our turn to silence them. You have changed the country in the best way possible, and the people you did it for will continue to be stronger together.

Thank you so much for doing the unspeakable in running, Hillary. I'm so proud to spend the rest of my life telling my children and their children and their children's children that my first vote in any election went to you. The woman who changed America.

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