Being A Childcare Worker Is The Best Job During The Holidays
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5 Reasons Being A Preschool Teacher Is The Best Job During The Holiday Season

No other job has put me in the Christmas spirit like working at a daycare.


Finals week was one of the most difficult weeks of my life, academically and emotionally. As soon as I finished finals, I picked up some extra hours at work before Christmas so I could afford to give my family meaningful gifts this year. Even though I felt burned out after finals week, working full-time at the daycare during my break from the semester has done a lot to contribute to my happiness.

Little acts of kindness in the workplace and being in such a loving environment has put me in the holiday spirit, and it made the days leading up to Christmas break fly by. Here are 5 reasons why being a preschool teacher is the absolute best job during the holiday season.

1. Parents are generous and show their gratitude in the sweetest ways.

There's nothing more touching than being shown that you are appreciated in the workplace, especially in moments you're not expecting it. In previous jobs, I never really felt like my work was being appreciated. However, once I started working at a daycare, I realized how motivating the community atmosphere is. The week before Christmas break was filled with parents bringing in little gift baskets and treats for teachers.

One family even decided to cater a lunch for the staff. When a bad snowstorm hit and I had to stay at work late until all of the kids were picked up by their parents, one of the dads was kind enough to wipe the snow off of our windshields without even asking. Parents are so grateful for the people that help teach their kids and they always make sure the teachers are taken care of and told that their work is meaningful.

2. You get to see adorable kids dressed in Christmas pajamas every day leading up to Christmas break.

What's cuter than 4-year-olds dressed as elves and wearing cute onesie pajamas? Nothing. The week leading up to Christmas is when all of the parents bring the cutest outfits out of their wardrobes. I live for cute Christmas outfits and little elf booties.

3. You get to help kids make the cutest Christmas crafts for their families.

Being able to think of art projects and help make gifts for the parents is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season. From snow globes to ornaments, there is so much opportunity for cuteness! Parents will appreciate anything that their kids make and it's so fun to be a part of the process.

4. You get a week paid off from work to celebrate and spend time with family.

Working at a Christian daycare is great because you get to spend all of Christmas week with your family without having to worry how you'll make up for a week missed of work financially. Having occasional breaks and feeling valued in the workplace is incredible and inspires you to be even more productive and hardworking.

5. Kids are on especially-good behavior because they know Santa is coming.


Santa is always a topic of conversation among kids during the holidays. They know that Christmas is right around the corner and that Santa's got a close eye on them at all times.

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