Places To Go In Cleveland, Ohio For Date Night
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4 Romantic Places In The Land That Will Make Your Date Night 'Hot In Cleveland'

Come explore the city with your sweetheart! You might find a new favorite place to hang out with them.

4 Romantic Places In The Land That Will Make Your Date Night 'Hot In Cleveland'
Chau Tang

This weather is perfect to walk around the city. Downtown has a lot of nice places to grab a snack, find vintage-inspired candy shops, and stay healthy with your sweetie.

I don't have a romantic date so I went on an adventure with my best friend, Nevada! Downtown Cleveland is truly a beautiful place, especially at night. If you're at the House of Blues, there's an alleyway with loads of restaurants, a club, and bowling. The lights there remind me of New York City.

1. Zaytoon 


We were on our way to Restore, but we've stumbled upon this Lebanese kitchen. Nevada had the lamb manousheh and she loved it! If you look out the window to your right, there's the Playhouse Square sign. If only you could come at night, then it would truly be magical.

Picture this: You and your date strolling along while your date says, "I'm really hungry. Wow, a Lebanese kitchen, eh? Let's try it out!" Then you've entered the building, look at the menu on the wall then sit at these stools and talk about life, college, and perhaps you might brush against them.

2. Restore Cold Pressed 

Restore Cold Pressed

This is probably the most aesthetic place I've ever been to. If you walk in, the base of this store is white, but there's this wall that's pictured that has color. On the other side of the room, there are cactuses on the table. It is simple and minimalistic.

Keep in mind, this is for someone who loves a healthy smoothie, açaí bowl and even matcha and coffee. Today, I had the pink latte. I was surprised by how much I loved it. You have the option of having an espresso or not but I chose not to. Yes, that does defeat the purpose of a latte, but it has almond milk, beetroot, vanilla, and cocoa. This is five dollars but it is worth it. I went around 4:30 p.m. so there weren't many people here.

It's a great place to study and have photoshoots. You can check artist out @missbirdy on Instagram.

Picture this: You've just finished a workout with your date and you guys feel parched. You're craving a nice smoothie while he wants an açaí bowl. The two of you walk here while patiently waiting for your destination. When you arrive, you can feel the cold/hot drink or food of your choice and you are energized once more, especially when you put the cold glass bottle on your face — don't tell me you don't do that.

3. Colossal Cupcakes 

Colossal Cupcakes

When you walk in, the environment feels like its fit for a queen, or a princess. There are many traditional flavored cupcakes such as watermelon but there are also fun ones such as strawberry champagne and fruity pebbles. When I sat on this chair, I instantly felt like a queen/diva, a diva in Cleveland! Sure, this seems very feminine but your date will want pictures.

Picture this: You're holding hands at the door and your date is in awe of the throne she sees before you and she smiles. She takes your hand and you guys sit on the sofa. You take a small strand of her hand and says, "Wow, what a beautiful sight."

4. Rocket Fizz 

Rocket Fizz

In this candy store, there are taffy candies, Harry Potter chocolate frogs, and vintage signs on the wall! Disclaimer: The signs are really sarcastic yet hilarious so buy a tin sign if you can. They will make your day. I'm not one to have sweets but I was like a child coming in this store. I could not stop my eyes from wandering to the candies and different flavored sodas!

Picture this: Your eye candy is has a sweet tooth and is craving something to satisfy it, so you bring them here. You guys share a taffy and a soda and their arm is around you. Your date is wearing a black leather jacket while you're wearing a plaid outfit. Its like you're channeling Cher from "Clueless!" What a dreamy thought!

As you can see, there are more places to explore but here are just a few I would recommend. It's not a bad idea to browse and get a feel for each store. The next place might be your new favorite. Also, don't just explore places, talk to people and socialize, you won't regret it!

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