'Cursed Child,' Cursed Release?
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'Cursed Child,' Cursed Release?

Eighth Potter adventure or mistake?

'Cursed Child,' Cursed Release?

Magic and butterbeer and Quidditch, you see.

These are a few of my favorite things.

And now, finally, after continuous rumors, sneak peaks and theories, we have been waiting for we finally have it.

An actual, physical continuation of the " Harry Potter " series.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."

Now, this edition is different from other previously published books in the "Harry Potter" series because it is actually the script for a play by the same name, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."

While the excitement of the thousands of people who lined up for the midnight released, coined #MidnightMagic, cannot be denied, there has been a distinguished line drawn amongst fans dividing those who loved it and those who wish it had never been released.

I happen to be part of the section of people who enjoyed this latest release. However, I do completely agree with all the negative points that those who hate the novel are saying.

I know, it's a bit of a complicated relationship.

So, bearing that in mind, my review of the long awaited "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is as follows.

Pros: What every Potter fan agrees was by far the best contribution to the Harry Potter series was the character Scorpius.

Charismatic, cheeky, hilarious and basically every good quality his father Draco could have had that we didn't see, Scorpius is a gem that should be treasured at all costs.

Also, the plot was completely unpredictable. I was taken by surprise at the end of every chapter (or scene, technically) and it was wonderful to be surprised by something in the Harry Potter universe again.

Cons: The plot was completely unpredictable. To the point that it was almost too ridiculous and unbelievable, and this is referring to a book where kids go to a high school to learn magic.

So much so, that it really just feels like a plot used from one of the many Harry Potter fan-fictions. The characters really aren't themselves, and some of the events that happen are so mind blowingly, well, ridikkulus that it's hard to reconcile this book to our mostly competent teenager heroines.

All in all? It's a book that takes us back to the magic and wizards that we've come to love. It's a fun addition to an already beyond successful series, and I'm glad that we got to experience it.

Now, if only I could see the live action play, my life would be complete.

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