Cory's Declassified Black Friday Survival Guide
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Cory's Declassified Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday deals are upon us!

Cory's Declassified Black Friday Survival Guide

With Black Friday just around the corner, we all know that the deals are going to be poppin' and lines are going to be crazy no matter where you decide to go. So incase this is your first year going out, and you're unaware of what's to come, or if you're planning on being one of the hardcore shoppers, here a little survival guide to make sure you make it through the night, and get that 80" TV you've been waiting for all year.


Black Friday is right after that delicious Thanksgiving feast. So shovel as much food into your mouth as possible, and have some fun with your family and relatives, then grab your stuff, your cash, and your car keys, and hit the road to your store of choice.

2. Use the bathroom before you go.

If you're going to be standing in line for hours and hours on end, you'll want to make sure you use the bathroom before you go, especially after Thanksgiving, because not everyone will be kind enough to save your spot.

3. Bring your tent!

You may get sleepy at some point, and if you're one of the first one's in line, you can get yourself all set up and comfy for those early morning deals.

4. Bring some food/water with you.

Yes, there will probably be food trucks, but what if the five dollars you spend is the five you need to get that special edition version of "X" purchase? Better to just stock up on leftovers.

5. Bring a extra phone battery.

You may get stuck next to that weirdo, or the person who is with their group of friends, so if you're experiencing a bit of solitude, a dead phone battery may be the death of you.

6. Wear something warm!

I mean, it's November, in the middle of the night, with a wind chill. You'll want to be bundled up. Or, if it's allowed, bring yourself a nice little space heater.

7. Bring some headphones.

Remember that weirdo? Yeah, he's trying to tell you about his 100 cats, so bring some headphones with you. Unless that's what you're there to buy, then you're out of luck.

8. Bring your money, and keep it close!

Cash or card, make sure you bring it, nothing will be worse than getting to the front of the line and not having your wallet. Or having your wallet and somehow all your money is gone. Just don't bring your life savings.

9. Don't do anything that may look like you're stealing.

10. Don't forget about Thanksgiving.

It's the season of giving, and we're all gathering with family, so if you are going to go out and shop, go later than sooner, because you're family will be at home waiting for you.

11. Be careful.

Year after year we hear those news stories about people dying, and getting hurt because they were trampled, or because they got into a fight over the last "Finding Dory" DVD that was 80% off. Just again remember that it is Thanksgiving, and everyone wants to be able to go back to their loved ones, and enjoy some leftovers for the rest of the week.

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