Corey Haim's Best Scary Movies
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6 Corey Haim Movies Film-Lovers Should Binge Watch This Haim-oween!

They're all incredible horror movies that star the king of horror: Corey Haim.

My personal collection of some Corey Haim movies.

What do "The Lost Boys," "Silver Bullet" and "Watchers" all have in common? They're all incredible horror movies that star the king of horror: Corey Haim.

Since Halloween is upon us, there's no better way to celebrate the spooky holiday than by binge-watching some awesome horror movies and snacking on some sweet candy. Here are six Corey Haim movies you should binge watch this Halloween.

1. "The Lost Boys" (1987)

Nothing beats this vampire cult classic from the 1980s.

Sam and Michael Emerson's parents just got divorced, and they have to move to Santa Carla — the murder capital of the world. On a night out, Michael runs into some trouble with vampires and unknowingly gets turned into one. With the help of the Frog Brothers, Sam helps save his brother from going full-on Dracula. This movie will have you laughing while being frightened!

2. "Silver Bullet" (1985)

This Stephen King classic is one you don't want to miss! Taker's Mill is usually a quiet town, but that all changes after many citizens of the town are mysteriously murdered. Only a young boy named Marty Coslaw is able to put together that the man responsible for these murders isn't a man after all — he's a werewolf!

Join the town of Taker's Mill and Marty as they take down a vicious werewolf this Halloween.

3. "Watchers" (1988)

After visiting his girlfriend, Travis Cornell finds a little surprise in the back of his car: a golden retriever. After Travis takes the dog home, he realizes that this dog isn't any ordinary golden retriever. It's an extremely intelligent research dog.

Little does Travis know that a monster escaped from the same research factory as the dog and is chasing him. Join Travis as he fights off the NSO and the laboratory monster to save his furry friend. This movie will frighten you and warm your heart all at once.

4. "Fever Lake" (1996)

A group of college students kick off an exciting weekend as they party at Fever Lake. On their way there, they are warned several times to not proceed with their getaway, but they refuse to listen. After all, they are staying in their friend Albert's cabin, so nothing bad can happen... right?

This slasher film will have you in on a thrill ride the entire time!

5. "The Backlot Murders" (2002)

As a rock band films their music video on a movie set, many workers and even members of the band get murdered... by an Elvis-masked killer. Find out who is behind the madness when you watch "The Backlot Murders."

It is a fun film that will have you screaming from thrill and fear!

6. "The Hostage Game" (aka "American Sunset") (2010)

"The Hostage Game" isn't exactly a horror movie, but it definitely is a thriller that will instill fear in your heart. One day, Tom MacLean wakes up with knives hanging above him and detectives surrounding him. While he was sleeping, his wife was taken. After the detectives don't give Tom the help he wants to find his wife, he turns to the Embassy. That doesn't help either.

Feeling as if he is left with no other choice, Tom hires a bounty hunter named Arturo. Tom and Arturo start receiving weird clues and weird phone calls, which inform them that they need to play a game for Tom to get his wife back.

This movie has an ending that you certainly will NOT be expecting. It's very worth watching!

Have a happy Haim-o-ween!

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