4 Confessions Of A Beauty Loving Perfectionist Who Is Always Late
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4 Confessions Of A Beauty Loving Perfectionist Who Is Always Late

Join the club--we have Youtube video recommendations and caffeine to spare.

4 Confessions Of A Beauty Loving Perfectionist Who Is Always Late

My alarm twinkles (rude), I panic, the covers fly off… I pray it's not 9:05. Of course, it’s 9:05. I could go back to sleep for just one more minute, but then I would have to arrive to class makeup-less and the rest of my day WILL be ruined. Dramatic? Maybe.

At this point, it is time to complete what I like to call… the “5-minute miracle” because honestly, it is a MIRACLE that I am able to make it out of the door in 5 minutes looking anything less than Britney Spears circa 2000. But, of course, there will be mandatory touch-ups on the way to class because every secondcounts. Welcome to the life of a beauty loving- perfectionist- who is always late. You too? Thank gosh I’m not alone.

I was thinking back on all of my near missed classes and *almost* uneven eyeliner moments wondering how I pull it off...when, in reality, my mornings have to resemble a poorly planned comedy skit from the outside. I thought that I had to share some of my typical experiences in hopes of finding my beauty loving clock obsessed twins. Please enjoy.

1. Unintended running at 7 am

I can't say that I’m proud, but I also cannot lie. My roommates have come out to our common space one too many times to me sprinting back and forth between the bathroom and my room- maximizing my time, clearly. I may not be a fan of exercise, but I do get many of my mornings started with a little extra blood flow.

2. Whipping out makeup at awkward times

Sometimes you know that it’s time to leave the house because your mom is screaming or you’re screaming or your alarm is screaming...but you have left out a crucial step in your makeup routine. In this crisis situation, there is only one solution. Applying makeup in uncomfortable settings. Public transportation, classrooms, libraries, you name it- I’ve probably whipped out my eyelash curler there.

3. Using random objects as mirrors

When you’re in as much of a rush as I usually am, you also NEED to make sure that everything is properly in place, anything with a reflection becomes your friend. Awkwardly walking by glass doors a little more slowly to inspect rushed contour application, phone as a mirror to check eyebrows, computer campers for quick touch-ups in lecture- again I am not proud...

4. EXTREME multitasking...efficiency

So, sometimes you just have to multitask. Like, reeeallly multitask. I mean hair dryer shoved into a hand towel holder while brushing your teeth and putting your shoes on.

Efficiency is key here, so limiting unnecessary steps in your daily routine is something that is essential or you simply won’t have time to do all of the things you need to. Practice makes perfect on this one.

I feel like we need some sort of special recognition, us girls who always slide in right before the professor does, full makeup and hair done- but nobody knows what went on behind the scenes. If this is you, just know that you're not alone- and that I am not judging you when you whip out your lipstick on the highway.

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