There are so many words that I constantly see people misusing. And I know I'm not the only one who is bothered by these 10 misuses when I come across them.

1. "Your" and "you're"

You're my friend.

Your friend.

There's a difference.

2. "There," '"their," "they're"

THEIR house is over THERE, and THEY'RE moving out next week.

3. "To" and "too"

And if you don't know when to use "two," well...

4. "Then" and "than"

I will nap THEN go to the store.

I like apples better THAN oranges.

5. "Desert" and "dessert"

That one S makes all the difference.

6. "Sight," "site," "cite"

Cite a source, visit a site, and use your sight to see.

7. "Accept" and "except"

Accept=to take and except=not included.

8. "Since" and "sense"

Common SENSE.

I haven't eaten SINCE breakfast.

9. "Quiet" and "quite"

It's easy to have a typo with these, but still. There is a difference.

10. "Affect" and "effect"

Honestly, these two can get confusing, but this picture is pretty helpful.

11. "Where," "were," "we're," "wear"

WHERE did you go?

WEAR your green shirt.

WERE you home yesterday?

WE'RE going on vacation.

Maybe it's just the English major in me, but all of these drive me nuts!