How To Come Up With The Best Fun Facts About Yourself
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How To Come Up With The Best Fun Facts About Yourself

This question always takes me awhile.

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We're bound to run into it. The question appears on applications, during classroom and club introductions, for profiles, in first meetings and first dates.

"Tell me some fun facts about yourself."

"What are some fun facts about you?"

"Introduce yourself with your name, your major, and one fun fact."

Why does everything I've ever done, thought, or said suddenly escape my mind in these moments? Why am I suddenly the least interesting person I know? If you're like me, you've faced this question from every which way and have yet to determine the best answer (or even just one answer). Applicable for any type of situation, here are some topics, with corresponding questions to ask yourself, to consider when you're next faced with the 'fun fact question'.

1. Travel

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Think of places you've traveled in the past, exotic or otherwise, or would like to visit in the future.

Have you traveled anywhere exceptionally unique? What is one crazy experience you've had while traveling? Have you ever gotten lost in a foreign country/city? Have you seen a really famous site that's on everyone's bucket list? Where is your dream destination? If you had to live in another country, where would you live and why? What's the best, or strangest, food you've eaten in another country?

2. Art

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Anything that has to do with arts or artistic passions is bound to produce a fun fact.

Have you been to any crazy concerts? Do you play a unique instrument, and if so, for how long? Do you paint, or draw, or write about any interesting subjects? Have you seen any famous works of art? Have you written any published work? Have you ever played a concert or famous music hall? Do you have any tattoos with lots of meaning?

3. Childhood

Kids in China Art Museum Shanghai | Christine und Hagen Graf | Flickr Kids in China Art Museum Shanghai | Christine und Hagen Graf | Flickr

Some of the most interesting and fun-fact-worthy situations we've ever been in (or caused) happen while growing up and running wild.

What's your strangest childhood memory? What Disney movie were you OBSESSED with growing up? Did you live anywhere interesting? Who were your childhood heroes and why? What basic skill did you not learn until you were __ years old? Ever go to any cool amusement parks or ride insane rollercoasters? Did you grow up near a lot of nature or in the middle of a big city? Any pets?

4. Identity

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The 'fun fact' exercise is usually in the context of introducing yourself to new people, so think about things that characterize your personality or thoughts.

What makes you laugh the hardest? Which famous character is basically you? What are your goals? What is your life's ambition? Do you have a gender identity you want to make others aware of? When are you happiest? What's the biggest social or political issue you are passionate about? Do you have a favorite color most people don't have? What book has impacted your life the most? Are you religious?

5. Skills/Hobbies

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You can tell a lot about a person by what fills their time, so think about some interesting things you do.

What's your surprising hidden talent? Do you speak multiple languages? What's a hobby of yours that no one else really has? Do you play a fun sport? What's your favorite thing to do in your free time? Have you won any trophies? Have you ever knitted/crocheted a whole blanket or dress? Have you ever driven a really old or really expensive car? Do you have a job no one would ever guess?

6. Random

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The question of fun facts can creep up on you in the form of "random facts". Beware, these are the same as fun facts, just sound less scary. Any of the topics and questions above apply. But there's also just a plethora of random things that happen in our lives, or random topics we think about, that could be our next fun fact.

If you could time travel, where would you go and why? Have you ever met someone famous accidently? Have you ever been on TV? What famous historical figure are you related to? Do you know how to drive a bus/plane/helicopter? What's the longest amount of time you've stayed awake? Do you have a unique solution to surviving the zombie apocalypse? What horror movie never fails to scare you? What tv show could you watch for 10 straight days and not get bored?

And of course any other random fact that pops into your head is a potential fun fact about yourself! This question takes some getting used to, but hopefully we'll get there guys. And hopefully articles like these will still exist in case we don't.

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