Michelle Tanner is basically the best character to ever exist. She has the best lines and the best personality! Here is college life as told by Michelle Tanner!

1. When you take an exam and think you failed...

2. ...But then you barely pass.

3. When you are going to be late for class.

4. When someone asks you what you ate today.

5. When professors say attendance is mandatory.

6. When your work keeps piling up but you decide to stay in bed and watch Netflix instead.

7. When your friend asks for help on an assignment (an assignment you completely forgot about) that is due in less than an hour.

8. When you have no more clean underwear and have to do laundry.

9. When it's time for your late night snack.

10. When you save studying until the night before an exam.

11. When your direct deposit finally hits.

12. When you ask your professor for extra credit.

13. When you want to do something fun but all of your friends are busy in the library.

14. When your roommate actually stays your roommate.

15. When your mom asks why you are buying so much food when you pay for a meal plan.

16. When some gives you addresses for the weekend.

17. When you finish getting ready for a night out.

18. When you wake up the morning after a night out and look at your SnapChat story.