College Students Gone Crazy
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College Students Gone Crazy

The SJW epidemic is sweeping colleges and universities across the country.

College Students Gone Crazy
National Review

So for those of you who are my regular readers, you know that I’m a bit of a staunch liberal, who supports increased government spending, an end to police brutality, and other issues. But I also support a dialogue with conservatives because the other side also has something valuable to say (usually). It is irrational to dismiss the other side as a bunch of crazies and idiots; there are many smart, reasonable people on the other side like John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Gary Johnson, and Bill O’Reilly (most of the time).

The liberal emphasis on the average American must also be tempered with concern for the profitability of businesses; liberal policies must also help corporations become more profitable via increased consumer spending and reduced corporate costs. Hence why I support a balance between capitalism and socialism (given the current situation in America though, my views and those of many other progressives will necessarily be seen as very left-wing). While conservatives have unreasonable views (on gay rights, immigration, and climate change), liberals can also be crazy as well. Such an issue is that of political correctness and associated cultural issues. Liberals tend to be more sensitive to issues of racism, sexism, and perceived offensiveness than conservatives, but this sensitivity goes way too far.

The phenomenon of the Social Justice Warrior has become commonplace on the Internet and college campuses. College students today have largely embraced the ideas of tolerance, diversity, and political correctness. But many take it way too far and become overly combative and sensitive to perceived offensiveness. These are the SJWs manifesting themselves in real life; they are whiny, selfish, and immature people justifying their insecurities by hiding behind a cloak of tolerance and political correctness.

A whole new theory and set of terms like micro-aggressions, safe spaces, and trigger warnings has been developed and disseminated at college campuses to help support these SJWs. College administrations, which have become overwhelmingly liberal, are promoting this ideology in various ways, as a way to divide and weaken their students. This theory, which I like to call hyper PC theory, tries to explain all the possible ways in which groups of people can be offended and striving to avoid such offensiveness via “check your privileges” and self-flagellation over your insults (feeling like shit all the time if you’re a white person from an affluent background). This is just the tip of the iceberg, however; it leads to whiny behavior and harassment of those who don’t agree with this extreme ideology.

An example of this behavior, to better understand what I’m talking about, can be seen at Yale last year. A professor at Yale wrote an email in which she expressed support for allowing Halloween costumes that were a little risque and offensive or seen as blatant cultural appropriation, as part of support for these students’ free speech rights. She urged those who might be offended or concerned to speak up and talk with students who wore costumes they don’t like, instead of yelling at them and trying to control their freedom of expression. Hundreds of Yale students were angry at this and decided to react aggressively, demanding that she and her husband, another Yale professor, resign and apologize for the email. They claimed the two were insensitive assholes who didn't understand their frustrations (which were vaguely summarized as racial insensitivity). I could go on, but here is a video to illustrate this point:

This video shows just how crazy and whiny these SJWs were. Lines like “we’re dying” and “traitor to your own race” just show how crazy they are. The poor professor decided to leave Yale after witnessing this angry tirade from this mob of students, realizing how hopeless they were. Another example is from Bowdoin College, where several students threw a tequila-themed birthday party for their friend. It had tequila and sombreros, several photos of which went onto social media and……. pissed hundreds of students off.

The administration punished the students for violating the “Social Code”, and several of them were expelled from their dorms. And two of the students were impeached from the student government for going to this party. Why? Because what they did was viewed as offensive and unbecoming of a Bowdoin student. Why? Because several students, especially Latino students, viewed it as cultural appropriation to wear sombreros and have a tequila-themed party.

Apparently it’s considered offensive and wrong to celebrate your friend’s birthday party by drinking tequila and wearing frigging sombreros. This is ludicrous and insane; what’s even worse is that the university offered counseling and safe spaces specifically for these people. Apparently the offended students needed “help” after seeing this image of college students having fun and wearing sombreros.

This illustrates the SJW epidemic spreading across our universities. It is a cancer that takes over intelligent, reasonable people and turns them into zealots advancing a narrow-minded, extremist liberal ideology. It is not just liberal arts colleges that have suffered; places like Georgia Tech and UGA have also seen this epidemic and flawed ideology spread onto their campuses. These people have delusions of being just activists and crusaders for the cause of social justice.

They are wrong; real activists try to change minds and win hearts through their example and reasoned, passionate debate. Not yelling and acting like a bunch of whiny children. That just pisses off and antagonizes the other side, and people will be more attracted to the other side as a result. Today’s generation of college activists have become infected by this ideology; they have been distracted from real issues like police brutality and rising college costs and even Hillary Clinton. They have been indoctrinated by the administration rather than fighting against the administration and the system for real change. College has become a place to coddle adolescents, rather than train and prepare them for adulthood.

The way to combat this ideology is to take a stand and create programs to reeducate the SJWs, to cure them of their ignorance and fanaticism. Doing so will help them better adjust to the real world upon graduation and ensure that our future elites(especially for the Democratic Party) are ready to govern the country as mature, responsible leaders.
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