Why College Students are Basically Cows

We graze, we groan, some of us have cute whiskers, and some of us only eat grass. This is just the beginning of the similarities between college students and cows. Here is a list of 7 more reasons:

1. Cows can smell up to six miles away. Just like we can smell a bag of popped popcorn in the kitchen from our rooms.

2. Cows will spend about 8 hours a day eating. Need I say more?

3. Cows are known to have favorite pals and get stressed out when they are separated.

4. Cows can’t see the color red. Sometimes college students don’t see the red flags around those giant spicy bean burritos.

5. Cows spend about 10 to 12 hours each day lying down. Stroll through the student union and you'll see 7 people passed out on couches, booths, and sometimes even the floor.

6. Cows are obsessed with salty snacks. We spend 3 AM in the library surviving off of pretzels and energy drinks. Same thing.

7. Cows deserve love and good care. Whether it be self-care, the healing power of spending time with friends, or petting a dog (or cow), college students deserve that cuddly feeling too.

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