April is in full swing, and with it comes warmer weather, days by the river, and the impending doom of the end of the semester. We suffered through five months of Poughkeepsie winter and now it's time to enjoy the warm weather we've been waiting for, right? But what about exams and papers and summer plans? *cough* not important *cough*. April is a 30-day battle between the rising temperatures and the pressure of exams, finals, and summer plans, and the only solution is to pretend it's not happening.

1. When your professor doesn't let you skip class solely because it's 70 degrees outside.

2. Trying to convince yourself you have time to blow off school in favor of day drinking.

3. And convincing yourself you can make it through the last few weeks of your classes.

4. Being told that four weeks is not enough time for your 74 to become a 90.

5. Hearing the words "finals."

6. Being asked where you're interning this summer and knowing full well you still don't have anything lined up.

7. Showing up to your professor's office asking for extra credit after being told not to show up asking for extra credit.

8. Checking to see if your paper wrote itself while you were out participating in warm-weather shenanigans.

9. Finding out that your paper did not in fact write itself while you were out participating in warm-weather shenanigans.

Happy April!