It's about that time of the year where college seniors' countdowns to graduation begin. The full power of senioritis takes over everyone... procrastination is at an all-time high.

There are job acceptance posts flooding your LinkedIn and Facebook timeline. There are people making announcements about moving across the country, buying their first home, getting married, having kids... Is everyone at their peaks?

You get so overwhelmed with the number of announcement posts that you tend to find yourself getting even more stressed out about your future. As if that is even possible.

You're set to graduate in a few months, but unlike everyone else, you have no idea what's next. You want to go to grad school, but you're still applying and waiting to hear back. You want to move but you have no clue where to go. You are searching for a job, but nothing is sticking. You're single, able to do whatever you want, but that doesn't inspire you, either.

At times, you feel worthless. Not having a plan sometimes makes you think that your future is doomed and you're never going to succeed.

At times, you feel like you're not going anywhere with your life, unmotivated by the "what's next" statement every senior seems to be living by.

At times, you feel disappointed in yourself, wondering if you're doing enough.

At times, you question if your family is proud of you because everyone else's child seems to have life figured out.

At times, you wonder if everything will be okay.

And everything WILL be okay.

To all of the college seniors who have no job offers, no destinations, no announcements, or no set plans after graduation; understand that you are not worthless, you should be proud of yourself regardless, and know that everything will turn out as it should be.

You will eventually hear back about grad school. You will find a job. You will have a time where you can make those exciting announcements about what's next for you. But please know that it is always okay to not know what's next.

So use this time to your advantage. Be proud of yourself for this huge milestone, and take it day by day, enjoying life for what it is. You don't need a plan to be successful. Sometimes the best adventures come from having no idea of what will come next.