Whether you lived together on campus, cramped into a dorm, or off campus in a spacious house (or tiny apartment because...you know, broke college students), you know that your roommates have become a huge part of your college life. You eat with them, bug them when you're bored, and ignore their dating advice... Here are 20 reasons why your college roommates will be your family forever:

1. They know too much

2. But seriously, they know more about you than anyone else

3. Boundaries don't exist anymore

4. Your late-night conversations keep you sane

5. They've seen you at your best

6. ...And your worst

7. They're your support group

8. They know your relationship history as well as their own

9. And have their own, honest (sometimes harsh) opinions about all of your exes

10. They'll never make you feel bad about finishing an entire pizza

11. In fact, they'll proudly stand with you so the Domino's driver doesn't think all that food is just for you

12. You have a running game of, "Wow, our kitchen is messy, let's clean tomorrow"

13. But you bond and blast music when those cleaning days eventually come

14. They suffer with you and cheer you on while you study

15. And they help you procrastinate

16. You're used to their crazy family

17. Their parents probably consider you family too by now

18. You watch all of your favorite shows together

19. Your random adventures and roadtrips are memories you'll have forever

20. You can't imagine the rest of your life without them