Queen has always been one of my favorite bands. They're great, but the best part of this iconic rock band had to be the lead singer, Freddie Mercury. His charm, charisma, and energy always blew every crowd away, and with the release of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody," Mercury is still the reigning Queen of Rock 'N' Roll.

Although we didn't grow up while Mercury was alive and thriving, I think there's a big group of people in their late teens and early twenties who still adore him. Freddie Mercury was a drama queen, and never lacked the courage to do what he wanted to do, and his energy and expressions can be found in the life of modern college students.

1. Deciding to skip class

Freddie Mercury gif

We've all woken up 5 minutes before class starts, unshowered and uncaring, and thought, "Nope, no class today." I usually tell myself something similar to this quote whenever I try to convince myself to go. Sometimes it's okay not to give a shit.

2. Getting an A on a test or assignment when you thought for sure it was a fail

Freddie Mercury gif

Feeling like a queen when you're sure you failed that test, but get it back and it's an A or B. There's no better feeling, and you can tell Mercury knows what that feels like dressed in his royal, extravagant outfit.

3. Realizing you had something due in that class like yesterday

Freddie Mercury gif

The assignment. Pulled the trigger on that assignment because your professor's probably going to take like 10% of the total score even if you turned it in 5 minutes after the deadline. RIP.

4. Taking that needed time off and sleeping the whole day

Freddie Mercury gif

Sometimes we all need a day by ourselves to cope with the stress of last week, or the one coming up, and Mercury completely gets this in the gif above — it's okay just to think about yourself and "fuck everybody else" for a little bit.

5. When the teacher calls on you and you have no idea what class you're even in at the moment

Freddie Mercury Giphy

We all have that one class that you basically use as a study hall, but every once in a while the teacher decides to randomly call on people and you get screwed because you're never paying attention anyhow. This is that look of contempt and confusion that's usually passing over your face right after the professor calls your name.

6. "Stand up, say your name, major, and a fun fact about yourself"

Freddie Mercury gif

This one pretty much speaks for itself, but I think it's a common opinion that professors need to stop doing this at the beginning of each semester. Nobody's going to remember anyone's name until like week 4 anyhow.

7. Waiting for breaks like...

Freddie Mercury gif

We're always counting the days until the end of the semester or days until holiday breaks so we can "break free" from stress and classes for at least a little while...

8. Studying and still getting a bad test grade

Freddie Mercury gif

This is one of the worst feelings ever. Thinking you're prepared because of the hours and hours of writing and studying you did for a good grade on that big exam and then getting lower than a C.

Freddie Mercury is one of the most iconic celebrities from the 70s and 80s. His style, attitude, and confidence were wonderful throughout his lifetime, but his character is still relevant even today. May his legacy live on, and may his lyrics help us get through the rough classes for the rest of our academic careers.