Downton Abbey is a PBS Masterpiece drama following the lives of am upperclass family through the turn of the 20th Century through war and into the roaring twenties. Much like modern college students, this family has to navigate stormy waters as they continue to hold their status in life. As such, many of the show's lines can be related back to the life of these college students. Here are a few of the ways this family shares sentiments with the college students of today.

When your friends show up to say hello/goodbye

When your crush walks by

Finding out you were right when others had doubts

Sharing secrets with only certain friends

Not wanting to listen to people's complaints about homework or upcoming projects

Showing off the latest clothes purchases to friends

Coming back from a break with a new haircut

When faced with a long list of homework to finish

Finding out someone went to Wal Mart or off campus without telling you

Discussing the latest gossip in the friend group

Attempting to dodge people on campus you don't want to see

Having good comebacks in an argument

Being the last one left on campus before a break

When the workload for all your classes picks up at once

And finals are just on the horizon

Which you are certain you will fail

Until you get your final grades

But knowing a the end of the day you don't want to be anywhere else