This Is Why College Is So Awkward

Professors consider us adults, they say we can manage our lives and stay organized.

We think we're adults. We have to save money, pay bills, and simply direct ourselves every day. We have the ability to be outrageous and experiment with any drug. We have the ability to drive across the country without the approval of a single soul.

Being in college can be so awkward because we have the freedom and ability to do absolutely anything, yet we still considered "kids."

The people I work with, they tend to drop their jaw when I state my age. They call me a baby and say that I am just an innocent little girl. They expect me to be irresponsible, late, and unprofessional. But fortunately, I am none of those things.

My family still thinks I am not capable of managing my own life and personal body. My mom tells me what she thinks I should eat, she tells me to make sure to wear a jacket, and that I have work at 7 am.

Society thinks we are incapable. We aren't homeowners, some of us do not have children, and we don't have our careers all planned together.

This does not make us children.

We are trying so hard to achieve good grades, maintain a healthy lifestyle, juggle work, friends, family, and stay sane at the end of the day.

While I give so much credit to many working adults out there, college is hard. But it is the gateway we need to successfully pass through in order to be just like everyone else, adults.

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