College first week of classes
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College first week of classes

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College first week of classes

1.) Each college student goes to classes and each of their professors give them a syllabi and goes over it and then signs what needs to be done for the next class. Also during the first week of classes, usually in the first day we introduce ourselves to our professor and peers. It is great meeting new people.

2.) The course work starts easy then it piles up once the semester goes on. Make sure to stay on top of the work too.

3.) Student Organization Fair for all the first year students and current students go and check out what clubs and organizations that they want to be a part of for their years in college. Try to get involved in a club or organization.

4.) Get school supplies and or textbooks that are needed for that semester and whatever else is needed for their classes. It is good to be stocked up supplies so you do not have to go out and buy more when you do not need it.

5.) Students meeting new friends in their classes and keeping the old to have someone to get the work from if they are sick during the school year. Also try to make a study group with your friends for any of your classes so that you are prepared for the upcoming semesters.

6.) Students know where they can study on campus in a open space or in a quiet space or can study at home. There are usually different places to study and to do study groups as well.

7.) Time Management is also a key for college students to get through the semester. At the beginning of the semester students tries to plan out their semester in advance. Always have a planner which keeps you organized for the first week of classes. Try to stick to a plan so you are not going off your plan.

8.) It is good to know where your classrooms are especially for first year students that are new to the university, If the new students or transfers are not sure they can ask a student that is an upperclassmen and they would be able to point them in the right direction.

9.) Getting to class early during the first week of classes is always good so you can get prepared for class and not having to rush this is towards commuter students mostly and it can also involve residential students that lives on campus.

10.) Going to office hours with your professors is also one of the key things in college to go to. Emailing them if you have questions on anything they are there to help you along your journey.

11.) Being able to get on your schools online blackboard or moodle depending on what online network your campus has. If you cannot login, students can contact their IT Department at their college.

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