College According To 'Ghostbusters'
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College According To 'Ghostbusters'

Who you gonna call?

College According To 'Ghostbusters'

The trailer for the new "Ghostbusters" film directed by Paul Feig and starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones recently was released by Sony Pictures. So in honor of the new Ecto-fighting group of bad asses I present college life according to "Ghostbusters." And for the sake of material I'll be using the classic Ghostbusters and the new lineup.

1. When you step into the cafeteria after a long day of classes and the gym.

No one is safe when you are hungry after an intense leg day session.

2. When you are waiting for your friend to show up so you can walk to class together.

Because no one wants to go to class by themselves so use the buddy system to get through the week.

3. The moment that your professor walks in and says that you will be having a pop quiz on the reading that you were suppose to do over the weekend.

Well guess I should have actually done the reading instead of just skimming the passages...

4. When someone tries to question your work and you have to lay the law down on them.

Don't question my work ethic or the effort I put in. Ever.

5. When you see your crush is in the same class as you this semester.

The only way you can get through those long law and ethic classes.

6. When someone says the name of a building and you have no clue where it is.

You would think after four years you would know where everything is, but there are still more surprises on campus then there need to be.

7. When a random stranger tries to talk to you and your friend while you are having your own conversation.

Please do not try to work your way into a conversation I am having, it's just rude.

8. When you just have to put somebody in their place after they have said one too many stupid things.

Sometimes you just have to check somebody at the door before anything dumb can happen in your vicinity.

9. When a teacher asks you a question about the chapter that you were suppose to read and you know the answer right away.

Nothing is better than being able to look the professor in the eye and give them the correct answer without a second thought or hesitation.

10. When you and the squad show up anywhere on campus together.

People have to put on shades because it gets too bright when you all are together.

At the end of the day if you have any problems during college you know who to call. (Hint it's the Ghostbusters.) Also here is the new "Ghostbusters" trailer for those of you who have not seen the trailer yet.

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