Reports Say Claire's Makeup Has Asbestos Fibers

Tuesday, the FDA released a report detailing what it found in the products it tested from Claire's US. The findings were super alarming.

The FDA tested multiple products from Claire's US and found that several products were contaminated with dangerous Asbestos. If you are unfamiliar with Asbestos, it is linked to cancer and other dangerous health concerns. The products were all beauty related and marketed toward Claire's young market. There was also a product from Justice (another popular store for young girls and children) that tested positive for Asbestos. The issue of unsafe products is not at one store, it is likely across the board.

The problem is the FDA does not have the power to actually force Claire's to remove the products and any other products that are possibly dangerous. The laws have not been updated to provide consumer protection in that area. However, Claire's did decide to remove the products of concern. The bigger issue is makeup and beauty products are not regulated the same as foods are. The FDA has little power over the big makeup companies. The only thing the FDA can really do is place warnings for users. When it comes to food and drugs, the FDA has more power and can even stop production of the unsafe item. But with beauty products, their hands are tied. Products like lipstick are easily ingested and can easily harm the consumer if they are contaminated. Then you have products that are used around sensitive areas such as the eyes if you have ever gotten mascara in your eye you know why it's important for the product to be safe.

The issue of unsafe makeup has even caught the eye of some celebrities, like Kourtney Kardashian. She went before Congress to try to make a change in regulations of makeup production. However, the move for safer production of makeup still has a long ways to go.

It is time we began to push harder for the products we use to be regulated with stronger laws.

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