Fall is my favorite season, and I am not ashamed to say that. The leaves changing colors and falling to the ground so I can hear them crunch as I walk over them makes my heart skip with joy. I also love anything pumpkin-flavored, but only in small doses. PSL's are fine and dandy every once in a while, but I'd much rather drink an iced coffee with a shot of pumpkin syrup.

You could say I'm just like the rest of the world when it comes to the fall season, but I don't see it.

So many people have traded blanket scarves for scrunchies and chunky sweaters for oversized tie-dye T-shirts.

Not this girl.

I will gladly wear a vest and booties any day of my life, and you probably couldn't catch me dead in a T-shirt that covers the length of my shorts.

The whole joke about #ChristianGirlAutumn started as a way to mock white women and the way they dress and present themselves.

I am a white woman, and I am not offended by it at all, because it's true. If someone doesn't like the way I dress or present myself, that's on them, not on me.

Being a #ChristianGirlAutumn kinda girl also doesn't mean I am a blatant racist and anti-LGBTQ. This is far from the truth. Yes, I am a Christian and conservative, but that doesn't mean I think the same as all the old white men in Washington D.C.

So, I will continue to curl my hair, wear blanket scarves and J.Crew vests with just about every outfit, in addition to having a Starbucks cup in my hand at (almost) all times.

And when summertime hits, you can bet I'll be wearing Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers every day.