Chill songs that you need in your playlist to relax
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10 Songs That Have A Chill Vibe

Avoid stress and be in the moment when listening to songs that offer chill vibes.

10 Songs That Have A Chill Vibe

The word 'chill' can be interpreted in many ways. But for most individuals including myself, chill is the present feeling of being calm and enjoying yourself. It means no stress, and many forms of music have the beat and lyrics that give off a chill mode. Here are list of 10 songs that you need on your playlist you need to have a good time and chill.

M83: "Midnight City"

Released in 2011, this alternative/Indie song was part of the album M83 wrote for the album, Hurry Up We Are Dreaming. This song has appeared in many films and music including the 2013 film Warm Bodies. It has an electronic beat, and is relaxing to listen after a long day. Also to note, the saxophone solo sounds amazing near the end of the song.

SNNY: "Arizona"

Another alternative/Indie tune makes this list and does this song have Arizona on repeat. From drinking Arizona, to SNNY mentioning how there are pretty girls in Arizona, he sure does love Arizona. This tune was released in 2017 as part of the Learning To Swim album.

Weezer: "Island in the Sun"

Imagine being care free while relaxing on the beach during the summer, and this song captures the chill mode. The lyrics start off with saying how when you are on a holiday, you can't find the words to say to describe the feeling of being fun. Weezer is classic, and know how to put on some chill vibes.

The Lumineers: "Ophelia"

A love song makes it onto the list of chill vibes. The Lumineers released this song in 2016, and it is there most popular song to this date. The harmonious sounds of this folk tune includes soft drums, piano, cello, and a soothing voice. This song also features lead vocalist Wesley Schultz singing and dancing about "Ophelia" in the rain.

Washed Out: "Feel It All Around"

For a chill vibe, this song has it made. Released in 2009, this song talks about how the fact of feeling many things and ideas. Some feelings mentioned in this song is you feel it around yourself, and you feel the thought of learning again. With little vocals and a focus more on instrumentals, this song is perfect for those who want to create a chill atmosphere.

Vance Joy: "Riptide"

Australian singer Vance Joy delivers a powerful mode with chill when he sings with his ukulele. This tune is simple due to the fact how it is just him singing with his ukulele. This song also has a metaphor with the term of riptide representing setbacks he has had when speaking to his loved one. Released in 2013, this tune is the most famous of Vance Joy.

The Drums: "Let's Go Surfing"

Be ready to catch a wave when you hear this song. This Indie song wants you to literally go surfing. With the soft singing, light guitar riffs, and with whistling means it is time to chill. The tune of wanting to go surfing represents chill and good vibes, and was released in 2010.

Arctic Monkeys: "Mardy Bum"

Taking it back to 2006, we still have another song that represents chill vibes. The Arctic Monkeys have released many tunes to this date, but "Mardy Bum" has earned a special place in my heart. With the guitar opening, it brings about a positive mood, and as a rock tune it does not get to heavy, it is a light tune that talks about having fun and joking all at the same time.

Sam Smith, Normani: "Dancing With A Stranger"

Sam Smith and Normani help to lighten up the mood and bring about chill vibes with this song released in 2019. This modern pop song features a nice duet. From meeting a stranger, a man and a woman are having fun and dancing with each other.

 Santeria: "Sublime"

Sublime which means of such excellent, beauty, and awe is something that this band captures with the release of "Santeria" in 1996. This song with its soft guitar melody represents a carefree vibe, that everyone should experience.

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