9 Chill Songs For Your Fall '17 Playlist
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9 Chill Songs For Your Fall '17 Playlist

If you're looking for new music this fall, here is a list of songs you must listen to.

9 Chill Songs For Your Fall '17 Playlist

If you're looking for new music this fall, here is a list of songs you must listen to.

1. Made Love First

Marc E. Bassy (Feat. Kehlani)

Favorite Lyric: “Before you knew my heart, you knew the handles on my ass and thighs… Didn’t get to leave a first impression with my wild mind.”

Literally all of Marc E. Bassy’s newly released album, Gossip Columns, is incredibly well-written, with chill beats to match. There is not a single song on the album that I would not recommend, and with features from artists such as G-Eazy, Kehlani, & Bobby Brackins, it is clear Bassy is a force to be reckoned with. This song, in particular, discusses a unique topic: the regret of sleeping with a lover without getting to truly know them first.

2. She Workin

French Montana (Feat. Marc E. Bassy)

Favorite lyric: “I ain’t slippin’ that’s the rules with it, Baby is you fooling me or you fooling them”

This song is a perfect one to vibe to while studying or working out in the gym. With a consistent beat and a laid back vibe, the song has been playing on repeat. Bassy’s voice compliments French Montana’s hip-hop tones and makes for a great song.

3. If You’re Hearing This

Hook N Sling, Parson James & Betty Who

Favorite Lyric: “ If you’re hearing this, I’m at King and Fifth, 8 to 10 I’ll sit at this table for two.”

This song, which tells the story of a young man waiting for his love to show up and meet him, is not only catchy, but is also meaningful. It makes you walk along the sidewalk thinking about the one guy who held open the door for you a month ago or the one cute girl you saw at the gym. It's a great and upbeat song for some laid-back listening.

4. Either Way

Anne-Marie (Feat. Joey Bada$$)

Favorite Lyric: “Barely a friend, I can play one too if you wanna.”

The layering of Anne-Marie’s angelic voice with Joey Bada$$’s gruffer vocals in the chorus and throughout the song makes for a catchy and interesting hook. Definitely a dance song, this is a tune you can blast in order to get yourself in a good mood.

5. One Hit Wonder


Favorite Lyric: “Out of a suitcase and out of control, I keep on telling you things I think you wanna hear, but you want me here.”

Timeflies is a band that has been underrated for years. As a duo that earned its fame through their Timeflies Tuesday freestyle rap videos, the group has since released various tracks and albums, and just concluded a tour. This song, which discusses the passion felt when meeting someone significant for the first time as well as the difficulties of long distance, is upbeat and fun, but also holds a true meaning behind the lyrics.

6. Sober

Cheat Codes & Nicky Romero

Favorite Lyric: “That Jack and Coke brought us into focus, I took a sip, it tasted just like you used to”.

This song is well produced and has significantly good lyrics. Talking about meeting a new man while missing an old lover, Nicky Romero’s vocals and Cheat Codes’ beats are an unbeatable combination.

7. Three Chords & The Truth

Chase Rice

Favorite Lyric: “It’s why we drink too much on Friday nights, raise our hand in the neon lights.”

Chase Rice has seriously outdone himself with this song. This is the perfect song to speed down the freeway blasting with the windows down. It perfectly embodies all of life’s best moments and feelings, and topped with Rice’s smooth voice, it doesn’t get any better.

8. Just Friends

G-Eazy (Feat. phem)

Favorite Lyric: “Then it hit me, You were down as f**k did anything that benefit me, it’s kind of f**cked up you never got to live it with me.”

G-Eazy is a lyrical genius when it comes to his raps, and this song brings back some of his Endless Summer vibes. Looking back at a lost relationship and evaluating what went wrong, G-Eazy not only includes real talk in this song, but he manages to do it while keeping a steady beat. Genius.

9. Mad Love

The Script

Favorite Lyric: “Whoever said if it’s meant to be, that you’ll come right back, we ain’t ever gonna find out about that.”

The Script does it again. With another amazing and thought-provoking album, the band has released some hard-hitting songs, including The Divided States of America, Make-Up, and Mad Love (listed above). The entire album is worth listening to, but this song is my personal favorite.

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