Our Childhood Stars Need To Stop Living In Their Glory Days
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Our Childhood Stars Need To Move On And Stop Living In Their Glory Days

It's okay if Hannah's wig stays in the closet

Our Childhood Stars Need To Move On And Stop Living In Their Glory Days

As much as it pains me to say this, but the childhood television stars we all know and grew up loving should stay where they are in our past. Stars like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Josh Peck, and Ashley Tisdale have all announced that they have "projects" in the works. And while the child inside of me is on the floor screaming, I have to say that I'm worried about how they will turn out.

There are clear FACTS that TV show reboots and spin-offs never do as well as the original show, and if you want proof, I'm here to tell you that.

1. Bands cannot successfully reform

I really don't have any evidence for this, but I have some ideas that I want to say. We all loved our boy bands when we were going through middle school and everything that it held for us. But we aren't 14 anymore. We don't spend all our time taping posters to cover our walls or listen to the same song over and over again, pretending that it was written about us. The band members also grew up.

Carlos PenaVega said that he would be "absolutely" down with reforming Big Time Rush. Honestly, if they did, it would be so awkward. The members of Big Time Rush aren't teenagers anymore. A "boy band" made up of men in their early-to-mid twenties really doesn't sound that amazing, it might even be creepy.

The Jonas Brothers did it right, though. But it's honestly because they never left. After they broke up, Joe and Nick both had successful careers as artists, without their brothers. The reformation of "Jonas" will bring us to a new age of pop bands. There's a lot of potential for them, and I honestly want them to prove me wrong.

2. TV show reboots aren't good

Straight up. We loved our shows, but they NEED to stay in the past. If TV shows really do that well in terms of popularity, they deserve to have their reputations preserved. A prime example of this is Full House and Fuller House. Full House was undoubtedly one of the best television shows on the air while our generation was growing up. When Netflix announced that they had bought the rights and were producing a reboot, titled "Fuller House," we were all so excited. It was the first time that a show's reboot was actually followed through, and we were getting a TV show that grew with us.

We were wrong.

Fuller House, in my opinion, was truly one of the worst television shows I've ever watched. Granted that the original show was watched by me after elementary school when I was under the age of ten. Realizing that I was a part of the intended audience for Full House and all of its corny jokes, you would think that the show's reboot would have the same audience. If the producers had realized that the audience is the same group of people, but a decade older, the show would have been better.

This is my worry for any sort of Hannah Montana reboot. On the thirteenth anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Hannah Montana, social media was flooded with photos and old clips from everyone, including the star of the show herself. People believe that Hannah's return is going to follow a similar pattern as Jonas's. The three brothers all made returns on social media, and then eventually announced their return as "Jonas." In the last few days, an Instagram account has been created as @HannahMontana, which was originally followed by Miley Cyrus. Clues like this and all of the social media posts have left fans hoping that it's not fake.

I hope it is. Miley has had such an amazing career up to now, and a flopped TV show reboot based on an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. I know I'll get a lot of hate for this, but it's so true. We don't want her reputation and career to be tarnished by a failed revival, covering up all of her successes as a socialite.

3. Resurrection albums flop

I know I've been pretty harsh in this article, but this one might be the worst. After not releasing an album in a decade and only four years after her role as a voice actor on Phineas and Ferb, Ashley Tisdale has announced that she is putting out a new album. While a Tisdale album hasn't come out in over ten years, she does have a few singles that have been released since then.

After making her name as an actress in a plethora of Disney TV shows and movies, Ashley Tisdale is a blast from the past. I have a feeling that this album isn't going to be everything we want. Once again, I hope she surprises us and proves me wrong and that the album does so well on the charts, but I honestly think that because she has been gone for so long that she won't be able to do that well with a new album. But, let's hope.

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