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'Why The Hell Are There So Many Stairs?' And 6 Other Thoughts I've Had Since Moving Into My Sorority House

Welcome home, welcome to the Chi O house.


Having the opportunity to live in the Chi O house this year has been the biggest blessing so far and exactly what I needed. Having quality girl time is something I've been lacking recently and living here is the perfect solution! I have only been here for a few days, but I already love it so much and can't wait until the school year starts and the rest of the fun begins. That being said, I have quickly come to the realization that the living situation I am in is very unique and something I have not experienced before. This setting and house itself has a lot of quirks and things that make it special, fun, and even a little dysfunctional. Here are 7 honest thoughts I've had since moving into the Chi O house.

1. Why the hell are there so many stairs?


No elevator, but a lot of stairs. Living on the second floor is cake, but third.... a whole ass hike. I am tired.

2. Are there really 76 boobs in this house?


A house full of females means a house filled to the top in estrogen, oh, and 76 boobs. Drake and Josh, the boobs, would fit in perfectly. Thanks, Megan!

3. How should I act with hundreds of snacks fully accessible at all hours of the day?


No grocery shopping? Candy, chips, cereal, carrots, hummus, yogurt, fruit, and everything else under the sun is within feet at all hours. The best part? We rarely have to spend our own money to attain a full tummy, and better yet we have meals prepared for us every afternoon and night! I cannot wait, but the gym can.

4. Do I really have to poop in this microscopic bathroom stall measuring 1'x1'?


I am not used to sharing space with anybody, so having to share literally everything is quite the adventure. The bathroom stalls are tiny and if you've got a stinky one coming, guess you'll have to bask in it until you're done and able to set yourself free from the hamster cage it is. Nasty? You're absolutely right.

5. Why does the AC in my room resemble something from the 1950s?


What is this strange box? How old is it? How does it work? When should I expect it to break and catch in flames?

6. Why is climbing the ladder up and down from my bed sooo physically taxing?


Have to pee in the middle of the night? Sucks. Dying of thirst right before you fall asleep? Too bad. Top bunk means once you're up, you're up. It's necessary to complete all nighttime routines before embarking on the trek to get to your bed and that is facts.

7. Why does sleeping in have to be an impossible task?


You can literally hear every single creak and peep made within these walls. If you're a light sleeper, you are out of luck on this one.

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A Letter To My Freshman Dorm Room As I Pack Up My Things

Somehow a 15' x 12' room became a home.


Dear Geary 411,

With your creaky beds, concrete walls, and mismatched tile floors, you are easily overlooked as just another room we were randomly assigned to— but you were different. Inside your old walls, I have made some of the best memories of my life that I will hold on to forever.

Thank you for welcoming my neighbors in with open arms who quickly became friends who didn't knock and walked in like you were their own.

I feel like an apology is needed.

We're sorry for blaring the music so loud while getting ready and acting like we can actually sing when, in reality, we know we can't. Sorry for the dance parties that got a bit out of control and ended with us standing on the desks. Sorry for the cases of the late-night giggles that came out of nowhere and just would not go away. Sorry for the homesick cries and the "I failed my test" cries and the "I'm dropping out" cries. We're sorry for hating you at first. All we saw was a tiny and insanely hot room, we had no idea what you would bring to us.

Thank you for providing me with memories of my first college friends and college experiences.

As I stand at the door looking at the bare room that I first walked into nine months ago I see so much more than just a room. I see lots and lots of dinners being eaten at the desks filled with stories of our days. I see three girls sitting on the floor laughing at God knows what. I see late night ice cream runs and dance battles. I see long nights of homework and much-needed naps. Most importantly, I look at the bed and see a girl who sat and watched her parents leave in August and was absolutely terrified, and as I lock you up for the last time today, I am so proud of who that terrified girl is now and how much she has grown.

Thank you for being a space where I could grow, where I was tested physically, mentally and emotionally and for being my home for a year.


A girl who is sad to go

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5 Reasons Joining A Sorority Will Give You Your Home Away From Home

Why a sorority is the best place for you.


I joined a sorority when I was a sophomore and I am proud to say that sororities are not like what you see in movies or television. I believe every woman should join a sorority because it is the best thing a woman can put themselves through. Here are some reasons why I believe every college woman should join a sorority.

1. Sisterhood

This is probably the most obvious one of all time but when you join a home, you gain a whole family. You are introduced to women who you would have never known before joining such an establishment because a sorority is so diverse and filled with women you may have never seen yourself being best friends with before joining.

2. Connections

Believe it or not, when you meet 180-plus girls you are introduced to so many different opportunities. Whether it is a waitressing job, real-life job opportunities after college, or gaining new experiences. When you join you are basically networking yourself and gaining friends at the same time. One time, I went to a shooting range and ran into a girl who was a manager there and she happened to be in the same sorority at a different chapter!

3. Encouragement and Support

When I say this, I'm not lying. Your sisters have your back through every hard time you can think of. You don't have to be close to every single one of your sisters for them to support you, cheer you on, or hold your hand through a hard time. When you are in college you are away from your family and it is important to have a group of friends to be there for you when you need them.

4. Philanthropy

I think this is my absolute favorite. Every sorority has different philanthropy and I found a home that holds one that is dearest to my heart. I have devoted my time to it and it has impacted my life completely and made me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I even received an internship with my chapter's philanthropy, that is how much philanthropy has affected my life.

5. Community Service

When I was in high school I never liked community service. I always dreaded doing community service but when I joined a sorority I gained so much knowledge that beyond myself I was awakened to love community service. I got to be with my sisters while I helped my community at the same time.

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