I've found that so many of my friends do things that cost a lot of money for hangouts and social interactions. Whether it's restaurants, movies, shopping, or activities like concerts or rock climbing, things just cost money and not everyone can do that regularly! But, it's no fun to be left out just because you can't afford it. So here are some ideas of activities to do on a low budget.

The first activity that I personally love is going to a park. Google parks in your city, pack up some snacks, a hammock, a book, a volleyball, literally anything. Go and enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with friends. This is a super great and FREE thing to do any day.

The second activity is any type of sports. Some ideas are volleyball, soccer, frisbee, skating, running, or basketball. I know this seems obvious, but it's such a good thing to incorporate into your life! Time flies when you're out playing sports with friends. I often neglect this for so long and every time I play a game of volleyball or ultimate frisbee with friends I remember how much fun it is. And... FREE!

The third activity is one that's cheap (or CAN be cheap) - hosting a dinner party! Something that I love to do is finding a cheap dinner recipe online and asking my friends if they all want to chip in and I'll cook dinner and maybe a dessert for everyone. I've realized that if ten friends chip in just five dollars, I can get enough food for an easy meal like tacos or pasta. Even just a big tub of ice cream can be around $5. Cooking dinner at home is so much cheaper than eating out, so even just $5 a person is great for a home cooked meal, and it's so much fun! I love having my friends hang out and play music while I'm cooking and just having a good conversation. It makes it a whole experience rather than just going and sitting at a restaurant. The feeling of gathering around a table too is so special and bonding. I encourage you to find some cheap recipes and get a group of friends. You'll be surprised how cheap it can be and how fun the experience is!

The fourth thing is to look at a community board or events for your city. I've been so surprised how many free events there are around the cities I've lived in like farmers markets and small concerts. Go on Facebook events or google events in your city and see if there are any cheap or free things coming up because odds are if you did you'll find something good!

The last thing is to have a game night if you have board games or cards! I know this sounds so cheesy, but game nights have become one of my favorite things to do with friends and if you have games or your friends do, it's completely free! Make some drinks and gather in someone's living room and see how much fun you have just staying in and bonding over board games or cards!

These ideas have helped me to plan some very fun experiences where I've made many memories with my friends without having to spend a lot of money. And most of them are some of the most special and intimate times I've had with them.