How Drinking Green Shakes Has Helped Me Lose Weight
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How Drinking Green Shakes Has Helped Me Lose Weight

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How Drinking Green Shakes Has Helped Me Lose Weight
Simple Green Smoothie

It seems like now, most people are trying to find simple ways to eat healthy. Now in days, we are constantly busy, and sometimes we fail to give our bodies the proper nutrition it deserves. I am of the many who has neglected my body from proper nutrition. Especially when you are a student, it's hard to make time to make your food, shop for food, so we usually take the easier route by eating fast food. Not the greatest decision I have ever made.I noticed I began to gain a lot of weight. It definitely wasn't healthy weight either. All the junk was starting to affect my health in a dangerous way. I had a lot of sleepless nights, do to having mild heartburn. I learned I had severe acne, and tried to hide it with makeup. Unfortunately makeup couldn't help how unhealthy my skin was becoming.

So the big question is trying to understand how I came to drinking green shakes. I had started doing research on the best ways to get healthy, typically articles reading: eat healthy, exercise, enough sleep. I had seen a video of some sort with my sister and mother about green shakes, I wasn't truly eager to try them, but I ended up giving them a shot.

A green shake is just any shake made out of anything natural, but the most important ingredient must be greens. Usually I like to have a base ingredient, which would be water and spinach. I learned about a few different spices you can use for certain things, since I suffer from acne, I use Turmeric. It is known as a natural antibiotic that helps take out the impurities in your body, and is also great for weight loss. Chia seeds and Flax seeds are also some great ingredients, giving the body some nutrients it needs. Any fruit and vegetable is great in green shakes. The Nutribullet is a very powerful blender that works so good at blending your food into a nice liquid. Blending fruits and vegetables raw has allowed me to intake a lot of the nutrients I am missing out, and is also an easy way to get your daily intake. It is up to the person how they want to intake their shakes, if you add different spices, it makes your drink taste either really gross or really good.

Since these shakes are quite fulfilling, I usually drink them in the morning or afternoon, it depends on how I'm feeling by the day. From the beginning of my shake intake, I have lost about forty-five pounds, and am still going down on the scale. This has been within a time scale of a little over a year, it's a lot of unhealthy weight I am shedding. I also had to intake my daily protein and exercise at least a few times per week to keep the weight from packing on.

Green shakes are for the busy individuals, for the students, for picky children, basically they are for anyone who wants a greater nutritional intake.

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