Chad Shows Warning Signs of Being an Abusive Partner
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Chad Shows Warning Signs of Being an Abusive Partner

This goes past regular Bachelorette drama.

Chad Shows Warning Signs of Being an Abusive Partner

If you’ve watched the Bachelorette at all this season, you’ve seen plenty of drama with Chad. From his spats with Evan, his issues with Derek, and his recent conflict with Alex, Chad has brought on most of the drama this season. It’s a little frightening, and entirely excessive. If it’s for publicity, it’s a bad stunt, and if it’s not, then it’s flat out terrifying. With security guards now in place around the mansion, I’ve noticed a few things about Chad’s behavior that I no longer feel I should keep to myself. Abuse in relationships is more common than people think, and despite the fact that Chad may soon be going home, it’s important to point out his behavior for everyone to recognize his actions for what they truly are: dangerous.

New Hope for Women is an organization that is based in Maine, but lists multiple resources on their website for all women to look for. Abuse is not always a man-toward-woman situation, but in the case of Chad, it is. The website has “a list of behaviors that may indicate a potential batterer,” and with a bit of explanation, it will be clear how Chad fits multiple on the list.

1. Jealousy

Chad usually talks around his jealous behavior in the way of talking himself up. He is often shown in individual interviews discussing how none of the other guys deserve to be with JoJo, because none of them can match up to him. He talks down to the other contestants, and constantly makes them off to be weak and pandering guys. Newsflash: that’s the point of the show. These guys are actually trying to get JoJo to like them by being themselves, and Chad seems to think that having a big heart isn’t as good as him. Evan’s rose is a prime example of his jealousy, in which Chad literally said, “Are you really vibin’ this guy right now?”

2. Verbal Abuse

While Chad may be talking badly about other contestants, he’s started to make poor comments about JoJo as well. In one of the earlier group dates, after Chad’s faked proposal situation when JoJo made a comment about his display, he immediately snapped back with, “Well now you’re just being naggy.” JoJo’s shock with the insult was clear. But this week’s most recent episode showed Chad could go even further. After JoJo gave Alex the rose on the 2-on-1 date, Chad gave his feelings to the camera alone. “She’s either an actress or she’s a complete b—h. There’s only two options.” Exact quote. Need I go further?

3. Breaking or Striking Objects

Chad’s best sign of breaking things comes straight in with his punch to the door after the comedy group date. After Evan’s suggestions on his potential steroid use, Chad walked backstage with the others and punched a steel door. His knuckles were bloody, and he passed it off to the other guys as no big deal, but it was clear after ripping Evan’s shirt that he was infuriated. Chad kicked one of the pool floats during the pool party, too. It seems that the only way he’s capable of handling a situation is by hitting things.

4. Threats of Violence

The scariest thing for me was in the most recent episode. Jordan, as far as I can tell, hasn’t had much conflict with Chad. However, one small comment made Chad flip. Threatening to find Jordan after the show, to come after him even though the show had ended? Chad gave an individual interview after speaking with Chris Harrison, where he then said, “but if there’s no way for me to get you to stop saying the things that you’re saying, then I will physically have to hurt you.” Immediately after promising Harrison that he would stop making threats, he said, “I’m gonna cut everyone here’s legs off, and arms off, and they’re just gonna be torsos.”

5. Isolation

Chad has gotten to the point where he essentially insists on going on one-on-one dates with JoJo. He’s consistently said that group dates aren’t worth it because there are too many guys. He’s been regularly stealing JoJo away from conversations with other contestants during cocktail parties before Rose Ceremonies, and even when someone has mentioned it to him, he doesn’t stop. He’s started to isolate other contestants when he “talks” with them, either pulling them aside or only speaking to them directly. Chad has become an outsider to the group and is consistently seen sitting away from them, and not part of group discussions at all, unless he chooses to insult someone.

I do not advocate for abusive behavior, and I will not support it in any way. Frankly, I’m upset the producers have allowed Chad’s behavior to continue, when it’s clear what has been happening. Drama is drama, but risking people’s safety and JoJo’s mental well-being, while trying to deal with a potentially abusive partner is just unfair. Chad’s behavior reflects the actions of someone with the potential to escalate into abusive behavior, if left unchecked or if he were allowed to develop a real relationship with JoJo. Outside of the show, it likely would. Hopefully, he’ll be officially gone soon, and take his dangerous and unpredictable behavior with him.

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