The Case Against the Green Party
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The Case Against the Green Party

The Case Against the Green Party

First, let me say I am not a radical conservative or loyal Republican - or Democrat for that matter. I have all respect for third parties and candidates running for office with something else other than a “D” or “R” next to their name. All ideas should have an equal chance to be heard and broadcasted so the American people can hear alternative solutions and be able to vote for those that accurately reflect their views, even if they don’t fit neatly into a major party platform. But I have an issue with the Green Party.

I invite all readers to visit the official Green Party website. You’ll find some valid and creative solutions to problems like homelessness, criminal justice and energy - all issues that do need policy reform in America today.

You will find nowhere on the Green Party official platform a solution, discussion or even mere mention of terrorism or the protection of national security. No solution on ISIS or proposal for how to keep America safe. Instead, the Green Party offers the suggestion of an independent investigation of “the role of the administration of George W, Bush” in the 9/11 attacks and repealing the Patriot Act.

Bush did not do 9/11. We do not need new government spending on a ridiculous investigation that will only come back saying al-Qaeda is responsible. Freedom of speech is important. But how about our safety?

There are comprehensive ideas on space exploration. But nothing on how to protect this country and instead an attempt to shift the just blame on violent terrorist groups who hate the West in order to protect the lives and rights of all people.

The Green Party is based in the belief that our current economy and militarization systems have put humans in a financially unjust world that threatens our planet’s existence. While I believe climate change to be true, taking away people’s cars and cutting all government subsidies for all oil and natural gas energy companies is not the answer.

The Green Party calls for a “universal basic income” to every adult regardless of marital status. They say this will “minimize government bureaucracy and intrusiveness into people's lives.” But instead of providing a sustainable life for everyone, it will decrease incentive to work and contribute positively to society.

Another proposal is allowing those that earn $25,000 or less each year are exempt from taxes. But the ultimate goal is to raise taxes so much and break up trusts so viciously that the Green Party is attempting to level the income each adult earns. Capitalism is based on competition - a system in which not everyone is equally as successful but has an opportunity to gain capital and prosper as far as their skills and potential allow. Attempting to create one flat income is unAmerican and provides no incentive to work for higher opportunities and purchase property and goods in the economy - making a stagnant economy that does not allow for growth.

The last complaint of the Green Party is the fact that every four years, this party just springs up attempting to mostly court anti-establishment liberal youngsters to cause some raucous in the presidential race and start a “movement” to “take back our country and our planet”. I don’t see how leveling the income or investing money in an investigation to see if Bush did 9/11, but if that’s your position, fine. If you want to make a dent in the political process, how about starting with electing mayors and county officials or state assemblymen and legislatures. A movement does not just happy at the top as President - it builds up from the ground. Start talking with local voters in local elections and running on the Green Party platform. No Green candidate will ever get elected president at the rate this party works at. The lack of respect the Green Party has for the American people - beyond their political policies - is appalling and evident in their belief that we will just “change” and suddenly vote Green as president and that is that. No, we need time and momentum to believe in any foreign political ideas - as we should. We deserve time before making that big of a decision. This happens from mayoral, county and state elections before a party just breaks on to the scene and puts a President in the White House.

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